3 Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

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I will admit, I have always been the first to write off Parisian food, it took me 3 visits to find a restaurant that I loved, then I managed to find 2 more on the very same weekend. French food is not typically vegetarian, which is why I believe it took me longer to find great vegetarian restaurants in Paris, you know, something that offered a bit more than french onion soup.

The restaurants listed are not exclusively vegetarian but offer wide ranges for vegetarians and even a few vegan options as well. For me, the fact they are not exclusive to just serving vegetarian food made it better for me as the people I travel with are usually meat eaters.

View of the eiffel tower in paris at nighttime

The top vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Paris

Paris New York

50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Everywhere my boyfriend and I go we look for a good burger restaurant, burgers are a staple in our relationship, however, with me being a vegetarian it is not always easy to find a decent one. However, if you are visiting Paris as a vegetarian you will not need to worry as Paris New York has got you covered as they serve Beyond Meat burgers – which are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. If ‘fake meat’ is not for you then they also serve classic veggie and bean patties as well. For toppings, they have a large variety which you can have on top of your burger which also includes a vegan cheese. Aside from burgers, you can get the usual sides as well as various different craft beers.

The restaurant itself is quite small and therefore gets pretty busy in the evenings, but honestly, it is worth the wait. For prices, I would say it is moderately priced with most burgers being around €12.50 – which I would say is average for Paris.

beyond meat burger at Paris New York Burger Restaurant in Paris

Kinn Khao

10 Rue Mayran

One of my favourite things to do during an evening in Paris is just to wander and it is how we found Kinn Khao. We stumbled upon Kinn Khao when walking from our hotel in Gard Du Nord to the Eiffel Tower, you know one of those great moments when you find a hidden gem filled with locals and you just know the food is going to be great. Kinn Khao is run by a few Thai ladies and serves Thai food which tastes as good as you would find in the markets of Chiang Mai. Again, it is another compact restaurant making seating limited so head there early to guarantee a seat without a long wait.

For vegetarians, I would recommend the Pad Thai and if you are a Vegan in Paris then go for the Massaman. They have a moderate-sized menu and I would say around 50% of it is suitable for vegetarians, so it is a pretty good shout when looking for veggie food in Paris.

I found the food here really fairly priced, especially for a restaurant in central Paris, most dishes are around €10-12 but the servings are huge!

Pad Thai from Kinn Khao, a vegetarian friendly Thai street food restaurant in paris

Pizzeria Popolare

111 Rue Réaumur

Fresh Naples style Pizza – Enough said. Alongside burgers, Pizza also owns my heart and Pizzeria Popolare does it so well. Again, this place will have queues outside to get in, I think we queued around 20 minutes to get a table, but once you are inside the food service is reasonably quick.

The main menu consists of mainly fresh pizzas but there is also a few pasta dishes on the menu as well – the menu is only in French, however, the staff are more than happy to translate for you. I didn’t actually notice too many Vegan options on the menu, although I did not ask, so there could be more. The pizzas are fantastic though, the dough is soft and chewy with just the right amount of toppings helping to avoid that bloated feeling you can often get.  The average vegetarian pizza price is around €14, with meat toppings being more expensive.

I would recommend heading here for dinner over lunch as they have a wide range of cocktails and just a generally really nice atmosphere.

veggie pizza in pizzeria poplaire, a busy pizza restaurant in paris, France

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Of course, there are more vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Paris but I only wanted to highlight the ones I actually ate in and had an amazing experience in. Aside from blogs I heavily depend on Happy Cow to find the best vegetarian restaurants when travelling, however, sometimes they can be a bit hit or miss, therefore, I recommend looking at few reviews before deciding on where to eat.

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    Thanks for the tips! Kick-Off in Saint-Denis at 3 minutes from Paris does fantastic hamburgers as well, I recommend it!

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