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grand palace in thailand, bangkok is a must do when spending 10 days in thailand

How much does it cost? 10 days in Thailand

I am currently in the planning stages for my second trip to Thailand and like most people, a big part of the planning is working out how much everything is going to cost. I have always found you can…

owl in an owl cafe in japan

4 Types of Animal Cafes in Tokyo, Japan to Avoid

When I started planning my trip to Japan many people asked if I would be visiting the various animal cafes in Tokyo, well the short answer is No. As much as I love animals, I have no desire to…

halong bay sunset

20 Fun Facts about Vietnam!

Want to know more about Vietnam? Of course, you do! It is a fantastic country, from the hustle of Ho Chi Minh City to tranquil waters of Halong Bay. From North to South, Vietnam has much to offer. So…

roof top pool hotel in hanoi

Where To Stay In Hanoi 2019 – A Guide For All Budgets

From backpackers hostels to luxury hotels with infinity pools, when it comes to deciding on where to stay in Hanoi you will be spoilt for choice. Over the past few years, Vietnam has grown in popularity. Once seen as…