What does Yoko Meshi mean?: This is how the Japanese define the peculiar stress induced by speaking a foreign language.nashville instagram ops and murals

I find inspiration in the heartbeat of a new destination, then through a mixture of story-telling and images, I use this blog to hopefully inspire others to get out and see the world around us.

Born and raised in London, I came out of school and went straight into my chosen career. I never had a gap year, I have never backpacked long term, but I have a passion for travel. I adore the rush of a new of a place and further exploring old favourites.

My blogging journey started 4 years ago while I was working full-time as a Veterinary Nurse. During this time I would travel as far and as much as possible during my allocated annual leave. I loved my career and giving it up for full-time travel was not an option, so I became savvy at planning 2 week itineraries across Asia and America or finding new destinations in Europe where I could fly to on a quick city break after work on a Friday evening.

I made travel a priority and therefore travel became accessible. 

At present, I now have more allocated time to travel but due to my partner’s career I style very much travel in the same style – curated travel itineraries and bite sized travel.

I want to encourage people to make time to see the world around them and experience new things. To show people you can work and have a career as well as travel frequently, you do not need to choose.

I want to show people how to travel responsibly and how to help preserve this incredible planet we call home.

I am also a host of a podcast called The Wildlife Tourist. The Wildlife Tourist is a bi-monthly podcast which explores destinations famous for their wildlife, with a big focus on responsible tourism.


Please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to chat or help with travel plans:



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