Why you need to visit the Grand Canyon, Arizona

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grand canyonI recently wrote a post about why everyone needs to visit Halong Bay  and now here I am telling everyone that they need to visit the Grand Canyon at least once in their lives, but I honestly believe there are places in this world that just put everything into perspective. Places that quite literally take your breath away, places that reaffirm why I choose to spend the money I work for on  travel rather than saving to buy a house just yet. I spent a day walking the South Rim with Grand Adventures  (Use them, they are brilliant), I would very much recommend the South rim over the more touristy west rim if time permits you, the south rim lets you experience the serenity  of the Canyons without it being over crowded or noisy. I believe the tranquility of the south really completed the experience.
grand canyonIt is so hard to show the vastness of the Canyon in photos but imagine red rock formations as far as the eye can see against the back drop of the blue Arizona sky. Canyons that have been there since the dawn of time; ever-changing and eroding into new formations. Geologists believe they started to form over 17 million years ago, meaning it potentially could have shared time with the Cretaceous period of the dinosaurs. It blows my mind thinking about the stories that canyons must hold. As the light changes and moves the shadows cast new shapes, creating a whole new scenery from each angle, I would be sure no two visits would be the same.
djgrandcanyonThe above photo is not only my favourite photo of my boyfriend, but I think of all time. Despite declaring my love of the Grand Canyons I am petrified of heights, so there was no way I was going to be climbing down crumbling rocks for a photo opportunity (How I wish we had the GoPro then!). I have to say please do not try this unless you have an experienced guide with you. Our guide from Grand Adventures had been leading these walking tours every day for years, he knew the Canyons like the back of his hand and knew where was safe to climb, and yes it was a sheer drop off the edge of that ledge, not an illusion.

We left the Canyon by dusk to get make our way back to Las Vegas but there are hotels and lodges so that can you stay over night. If I ever get to go back I will do this as I think it would be a completely different experience again by night and oh so tranquil.
http://www.grandcanyonlodges.com .
Then there is the opportunity to do a helicopter flight over , however if you do choose to pay a bit more to do this, then I would still advise a walking tour alongside this to get the full experience.  However I think the ultimate adrenaline adventure would be white water rafting on the Colorado River that proudly flows through the base of the Canyons.

A trip to the Grand Canyon is the perfect stop to add on to your Route 66 road trip or the must-do excursion from a crazy holiday to Las Vegas.

What would be your favourite way to see the Grand Canyon?

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  • Reply
    Marleen Zoë
    May 27, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Hi! I thought I should check out your blog and this post was really nice. I have been here too during my travels. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Grand Canyon. I had a marvelous time.


    • Reply
      May 30, 2016 at 9:55 am

      It is beautiful isn’t it? Have you done much travelling around America?

  • Reply
    Stuart Forster
    August 31, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    I agree, the Grand Canyon is one of those ‘must visit’ destinations. I’ve been but feel I need to return. Wild fires were burning nearby when I visited meaning the air was hazy. I’d love to get some outstanding photos of the scenery.

    • Reply
      September 2, 2017 at 6:20 pm

      it is just breathtaking, isn’t it? I really would love to go back and explore more!

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