How to do Las Vegas on a budget

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Las Vegas is one of those places that features in so many bucket lists, and so it should! It is essentially an adults Disney world. However Las Vegas isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you are planning a budget holiday, known for its casinos and outrageous five-star hotels Las Vegas can be an extremely expensive trip but an amazing time can still be had a budget in Sin City.

If you read my previous post about San Francisco  you will know a few years ago I travelled around California and Arizona. Now I am not the best person at budgeting and Las Vegas was the last stop on our trip, so Vegas on a very tight budget was the only option for me but I still had the most amazing time without feeling like I was missing out. So I thought I would share my tips with you.


Stay during the week. Naturally, the hotels increase their prices over the weekend so a visit during the week will straight away save you money, Las Vegas is alive every night of the week so you won’t be missing out by not being their on a Saturday night. Sites like Expedia often offer deals such as ‘two free nights when you book three nights’ so make sure you look out for these to save some extra money when booking.

With so many hotels it is hard to know where to stay, there are hotels to suit every budgets on and off the strip. Think realistically, with so much to do you are probably not going to be spending too much time in your room, so there is no need to blow half your budget on your hotel.  I stayed in the Excalibur hotel, one of the lower priced hotels but in an amazing location on the strip – perfect for nights out! It also has its own swimming pool if you want to relax during the day.  Other more reasonably priced hotels located on the strip include The Luxor, Harrah’s Hotel, and The Stratosphere – although The Stratosphere is on the strip it is quite a walk in a quieter location so probably would not recommend for solo female travellers. Just off the strip but still in walking distance is The Hooter’s Hotel, who also do really good food at a decent price.
Tip: All hotels will charge on a hotel tax on arrival, make sure you find out how much this will be when you book and put this into your budget as well.

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Aside from gambling, Las Vegas is also known for its drinking and this can quickly become expensive. Top Tip: Drinking in the casinos is free. Yes you heard me right! If you are playing on the slot machine, even a cent machine, waitresses will offer you drinks; these drinks are free and will keep coming for as long as you are on their machines and giving them a tip.  This alone will save you so much money, as drinks at the bars and in the clubs are expensive. If you do want to go for drinks in a club, look out for the places that sell wristbands for unlimited drinks all night (this may vary each night), Coyote Ugly inside the New York, New York Hotel does this and it is also a really good place to go for a fun night out.
One for the Ladies – talk to the club promoters handing out flyers on the strip – most places will have free entry for women. (Sorry guys!)


Las Vegas has some amazing restaurants so make sure you set aside some of your budget for some great meals, but for the rest of your meals try the hotel buffets, most hotels have these and you can eat at them even if you are not a resident. With a wide variety of a good food for a decent price you really can’t go wrong – I personally recommend the buffet in the Paris Hotel.  There are also many convince stores such as Walgreens around where you can buy cheap bottled water and snacks throughout the day for much cheaper than the hotel stores.
In Addition, when you arrive at your hotel you will usually be given a coupon book, a lot of the offers will be junk but a few will give you money off decent restaurants.

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You will never run out of things to do in Las Vegas, each hotel is like a theme park where you can get lost for hours. Explore every hotel and take everything in, take a gondola trip around Venice in ‘The Venetian’, climb the Eiffel tower in ‘Paris’ for breathtaking views of the strip, take a roller coaster ride around Manhattan at ‘The New York, New York’.  For the adrenaline junkies, try the rides at the rides at the top of ‘The Stratosphere’, not for the faint hearted believe me.
In the evenings the strip really comes alive, every fifteen minutes between 8pm -12am The Bellagio fountains put on a stunning free choreographed water show while ‘The Mirage’s volcano erupts every half hour.
If you want to experience one of Vega’s many shows, make sure you visit of the Tix4Tonight booths on your chosen days to get reduced price seats. I unfortunately didn’t know about this while I was there and ended up paying a fortune for show tickets.

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Las Vegas is incredible and somewhere everyone should experience at least once, I spent five days there and still feel I missed out on seeing so much simply because we ran out of time. It is also completely possible to have the full experience on a budget if you plan properly. Please feel free to ask me any questions about Sin City or anywhere I have visited, if you haven’t guessed by now I love talking about travel!

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