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The Best Picnic Backpacks of 2020

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Looking for the perfect picnic backpack for Summer 2020? This round-up of the best picnic backpack sets will last you for many years to come. 

Nothing says summer in the United Kingdon then going out for a picnic on a warm day. Whether you are heading on a day trip from London to Brighton or just heading to your local park, picnics are a great way to catch up with friends or spend the day with your family. 

However, it is not always fun having to lug around bags full of food and associated cutlery, as well as everything else you need to take out with you for a day. Of course, there are the traditional picnic hampers and cool bags but personally, I love a backpack picnic holder, not only does it evenly distribute the weight across your back it leaves both of your hands free for everything else! 

Picnic backpack sets are a must-have for picnic enthusiasts for both convenience and style.  

The Best Picnic Backpacks of 2020

Gardenia Floral Insulated 15 Litre Backpack


DuneIm picnic backpack

The winners in style have to be DuneIm with their 2 person picnic rucksack in a chic floral design. Not only is it stylish the 15-litre backpack is also practical and comes complete with 2 plastic wine goblets, 2 plastic plates, 2 x stainless steel knives, forks, spoons, 1 bottle opener, 1 cheese board with cheese knife & 2 napkins.

The backpack section is insulated to ensure contents are kept cool – or warm – for up to 6 hours and also has space to add cool blocks to increase this time. 

If floral is not for you, they also have an adorableZebra print picnic backpack as well. 

Lifewit 18L (34-Can) Double-Decker Soft Cooler Backpack with Hard Liner

lifewit picnic rucksack

If boozy picnics are more your thing then I would recommend the Lifewit 18-litre rucksack which can hold up to 34 cans or 17 bottles in its insulated cooling section. This stylish bag is split into 2 compartments, meaning you can easily separate food and drink with each section having waterproof material, meaning if you do incur a spillage the alternate section will not be affected.

As this particular picnic bag with straps does not come with various utensils and plates it is more suited for a more casual picnic meet up or bbq, however, you do have space to place your own. 

LIVIVO 4 Person Premium Picnic Hamper Backpack

picnic backpack bag from Livio

If you are starting from scratch with your picnic equipment this bag from Livivo is worth the investment. Designed as a picnic backpack for 4 people, it comes complete with cutlery, plates, napkins, wine glasses, bottle opener, chopping cheeseboard AND a large waterproof picnic rug which handly attaches to the side. 

Furthermore, it is heavily insulated to keep food cool and as a handy side attachment which is the perfect size for a bottle of wine! 

Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack Hamper Rucksack – Best Value for money

cheap picnic hamper backpack from amazon

If you do not want to invest too much money but still need all of the utensils this backpack from Amazon is definitely the best value for money. For just £21.99 it comes complete with stainless steel cutlery, plates and glasses for 4 people as well as a wine opener. The inner section of the back is fully insulated to keep food cool and has space for additional cool packs. 

The only thing this picnic backpack set lacks is external attachments to carry a blanket, however, for the price I definitely think this can be forgiven. 

VonShef Ash 4 Person Picnic Backpack Bag

Another fantastic option if you are looking to buy a complete set, the VonShef 4 person picnic set comes complete with a 29-piece dining set – meaning everything you need for a perfect picnic will be carried on your back. 

This brilliant set contains 4 X stainless steel knives, 4 X forks, 4 X spoons, 4 X BPA-free dinner plates, 4 X plastic wine glasses and 4 X washable cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a large plastic chopping board, a corkscrew with bottle opener and a large fleece picnic blanket. The inside is an aluminium foil-lined insulated cooler. 

This particular bag is on the higher end of the price spectrum but coming from a brand held in high regard it will be sure to last you years. 

TOURIT Cooler Backpack 

A blue Tourit cooler backpack

Another cooler backpack designed more towards carrying drinks than food but still have the capability to do both. The Tourit insulted cooler backpack can hold up to 32 cans of drinks with the ability to keep them cool (or hot) for an incredible 16 hours. This particular bag is a great option for a hot day at the beach or day hiking. 

Due to its capability of holding many cans, it has been designed with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and thickly padded sections for maximum comfort when carrying. 

Glenmore Portable Camping Backpack Chair

The Glenmore picnic backpack definitely wins for practicality as it also converts into a chair! It is the smallest of the bags listed here at 10 Litres but it still has various waterproof sections for holding food and bottles. The downside to this bag is that it is not insulated, meaning it will not assist in keeping food chilled or warm (however, you can add in ice packs). 

This bag would be best suited as an accompaniment to one of the other listed bags and is definitely worth buying if you prefer not/are unable to sit on the floor during a picnic. It also makes for a great fishing backpack. 

While traditional picnic hampers may be more stylish they are not practical for a day out. Picnic backpacks are definitely the way forward when it comes to convenience, practicality and comfort as well as being an investment which will last you for years. 

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