How to spend a perfect day in King’s Cross and Euston

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One of my big aims for this year was to see more of my city by exploring different areas of London. I was particularly keen to spend a day in King’s Cross, over the past few years this area of North London has seen a lot of changes and it is still going through a major transformation period at present. Alongside Euston it is one of the main points of entry to the city and with its numerous transport links as well as hotel’s near the King’s Cross vicinity, it is becoming an area popular with both locals and tourists alike.

I wanted to highlight some of the best things to in King’s Cross and Euston, to show these diverse areas of London are no longer somewhere to just past through, but in fact somewhere to spend time and explore.


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How to spend a day in King’s Cross and Euston

Visit Platform 9 3/4

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first shall we?  To most people, King’s Cross is known as the gateway to the Hogwart’s express and every single day hundreds of Muggles make their way down to the station to get a glimpse of the most famous train station in English Literature.

Start your day in King’s cross here, as it still gets extremely busy every single day. Be sure to visit the shop while you are there, much of the merchandise inside is exclusive to the store and cannot be found elsewhere.
kings cross harry potter shop

The German Gymnasium

After failing to board the Hogwarts Express head just outside the station to The German Gymnasium for brunch in King’s Cross. The elegant beautifully styled restaurant is perfect for a catch up with the girls or for a brunch date with a bit more style. Alongside the obvious brunch selections of Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon, you can also opt for a more traditional German dish such as Bratwurst or Wurstsalat.

If you are not feeling German food and are instead looking for brunch with a twist, I fully recommend checking out Dishoom in King’s Cross for some of the best Indian food you will taste in London.
german gymnasium

British Library

Carrying on with the literacy theme be sure to head just slightly down the road to the British Library and check out one of the ever-changing exhibitions, aside from the exhibitions the building is beautifully photogenic so be sure to head there for some opportunities as well.

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The House of Illustration

Another great thing to do in King’s Cross is visiting Quentin Blake’s House of Illustration, a small building exhibiting the best of illustration in literacy and beyond, which of course includes his most famous work of the Roald Dahl books.

Granary Square

Granary Square is perfect for a warm day when you will often see kids cooling down in the water fountains that dance in front of the Central St Martins University. Set alongside the canal you will also find an AstroTurf seating area which is a great place to settle down for lunch with a view of the riverboats passing by.

For this part of the day, I recommend grabbing some street food from one of the local food trucks, depending on the day of the week you can either get food from Kerb King’s Cross (between Wednesday – Friday) or The Canopy Market (Friday – Sunday).  From Kerb, I recommend Kalimera or Only Jerkin and for the Canopy Market, it has to be either The Big Melt or Bap Foods.

granary square kings cross
bap food canopy market

Take a Stroll down the Canal

After lunch, walk off the street food with a stroll down the canal, if you take the route towards Camden you will quickly come across the old Gas Holders that have now been converted into modern flats surrounded by a lush green park area – one of my favourite things about London is how many old industrial buildings have been modernised and turned into something more beautiful, while still maintaining the history.

Just by here, you will also find the floating bookstore, a 1920s Dutch Barge which is now a second-hand bookstore selling over 4000 books, you will be sure to find something to suit every taste.

kings cross gas holderkings cross gas holder flats

Whether you follow the canal route down towards Camden or choose the opposite direction towards Little Venice on a warm sunny day it makes for a tranquil walk in the middle of a busy city.

Other points of interest and things to do near King’s cross along the canal route  also include London Zoo and Camden Market 

floating book shop kings cross

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Euston Tap

If beer is your thing then in the evening you will probably want to walk from King’s Cross to Euston to head to the Euston Tap, which at present serves twenty-seven different draft beer alongside a wide selection of other beverages.

After a few beers, you will have probably worked up an appetite so you can head to one of Euston’s many restaurants, in a close vicinity you will find all the usual chain restaurants but I recommend checking out Gone Burger or if you are in the mood for Asian food head to the Roti King, do not let yourself be put off by the appearance, the food will astound you.

These are just a few of my favourite things to do when spending a day in King’s Cross and Euston, as with most places take time to wander as well, London is always full of hidden surprises and you will always be sure to stumble upon somewhere you will not find in any guidebook or blog online.

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