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5 Incredible Volunteer Trips to Take with Worldwide Experience

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Last week you may have seen my post on Vets Go Wild  and felt a little bit left out if you are not in the veterinary industry, but don’t worry guys I’ve got you covered. You see the wonderful team over at Worldwide Experience have created a whole range of trips suited to anyone looking to volunteer with wildlife or in conservation.

For those that have not heard about Worldwide Experience before, they are a South African born business made up of a team of conservationists whose aim is to create life changing trips around the world, in order to inspire the next generation of conservationists, of which they have been doing so for the past fifteen years.

With trips currently spanning various continents with an array of different wildlife, all animal lovers and budding environmentalists will be spoilt for choice. Their high standard conditions and continuous support throughout the whole process, in my opinion, makes them a great choice for someone taking their first volunteer trip abroad.  All experience can be found on their website, but here are few of my favourite trips that they offer ( aka on my bucket list!):

1. Living with Orphaned Rhino – South Africa
As a volunteer, you will focus on hand rearing, veterinary care, nutrition and the rehabilitation of rhino calves whose mothers have been killed by poachers. Spend your time caring for rhino calves as well as other wildlife species such as giraffe, wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu and primates. Join an experienced team and help these rhinos until they can be released onto safe reserves.
2.The O.R.C.A. Marine Foundation – South Africa
Located on the world famous Garden Route, it is home to some of the worlds most fascinating marine species, including Southern Right whales, Humpback whales, Brydes whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Killer Whales, Great White Sharks to name but a few. Gap year travel placements here give you a unique once in life time chance to work with these magnificent marine species in exciting and marine conservation volunteer work.
dolphinlapalma3. Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch – Croatia
All aspects of conservation are addressed during your experience. As a conservation volunteer, you will assist in the ongoing conservation projects that take place in the area and your research will be used in making important conservation decision for the area of Velebit. During your placement, you may have the opportunity to experience wildlife watching for species including Brown Bear, Eurasian lynx, Balkan chamois, red and roe deer and if lucky Grey wolf.

4. Colobus Conservation Monkey Sanctuary – Kenya
Worldwide Experience offers the opportunity to volunteer in Kenya’s Colobus Conservation monkey sanctuary at the Colobus Cottage, where the monkey sanctuary team studies and cares for Colobus monkeys. The Colobus Cottage is set in a coastal forest region in Kenya where volunteers can see the endangered Colobus monkey and species such as baboons, vervets and Sykes monkeys, and learn the characteristics and behaviour of each species.

5. Sri Lanka Elephant Research and Mammal Study – Sri Lanka
The Saving Elephants by Helping People (SEHP) project of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) is one of the longest operating community-based participatory human-elephant conflict resolution projects in the world. You will play a crucial role in helping with to mitigate human-elephant conflicts as well as the opportunity to study the behaviour of these magnificent creatures.
elephant nature parkConvinced to go and volunteer yet? Worldwide Experience makes your transition into volunteering as simple as can be with flexible dates throughout the year on most trips and they can even help you with your flights if this is something you are not too familiar with doing. Having always booked my volunteer trips independently before, I found my booking process with Worldwide Experience a lot less stressful, and a Facebook group was even created before the trip so that everyone on the trip could become familiar with each other – a bonus for solo travellers!

I did find booking through a company more expensive than booking previous independent trips, however, the quality and the standards of the trip I received were reflected in the price and I would be more than happy to book through them again.

To find out more and to book your trip visit the Worldwide Experience website.

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This post is in collaboration with Worldwide Experience, but as always all opinions are my own. 




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  • Emily Ray
    March 8, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    I SO want to do one of these! Maybe the Sri Lanka one? Ooh, or the one in Croatia? OK, I just want to do all of them…


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