Asian Luxury at Mango Tree, Harrods

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I am back with another restaurant review, another Asian cuisine as well because let’s face it, I cannot get enough of good Asian food. However, this one is pretty darn fancy, the Mango Tree Restaurant that is based at none other than the food hall in Harrods, London. Pretty swish right? Mango Tree also have a restaurant in Belgravia, London but I visited the smaller, but still very chic, restaurant in Knightsbridge. Mango Tree is a luxury restaurant specialising in dishes from all over Asia, while the menu is smaller than its Belgravia branch, the quality is still second to none, blends of exotic flavours with freshly prepared meats create luxurious versions of traditional Asian dishes.

As I visited on a review purpose, we were fortunate enough to try a large selection from the menu, I did find that the menu was very meat heavy and slightly limited in vegetarian options. However, we did have wonderfully helpful staff who were more than happy to advise us on their favourite choices from the menu, being as Mango Tree are famed for their  Dim Sum, the platter selection was our first choice, well lets us just say I am now a converted Dim Sum fan, not only was it beautifully presented in a traditional bamboo basket, the fresh and full flavoured taste instantly made me realised why this restaurant had been chosen for a Harrod’s location.  This selection does include a majority of seafood options, so when I visit again I think I would be more inclined to order the Yam Bean Vegetarian Dim Sum pieces.
Next, we were served sesame prawn spring rolls, which were served perfectly crisp, with this dish I found it was the dipping sauce that made the dish, unfortunately, I did forget to ask what the sauce was, but if you go, I 100% recommend this ordering this. The chef also brought us out a large bowl of hot Ramen, which was filled to the brim with soft boiled eggs, pickled ginger, nori, Shimeji mushrooms and a very fair amount of egg noodles, ramen is one of my favourite dishes in general so I loved the opportunity to sample this dish.
Dj, then went on to try a sampler of the Massaman Nuer, braised beef short ribs in a massaman sauce – creamy, nutty with just a hint of spice. Dj, being a head chef himself, was incredibly complimentary of how tender the beef was, obviously opting to avoid the beef, I did, however, taste the sauce, which to me was very reminiscent of satay dishes I had in Thailand. Crispy and chilli coated Kai Tod was the last dish that was served to us, again it was beautifully presented, always a bonus and a highlight for a food blogger!
Filling incredibly full, after our banquet of Asian delights, we let it all settle with a pot of Jasmine Tea, which was so fresh we watched the bulb open and infuse the water before our eyes. I was so wonderfully impressed with Mango Tree, it is a very high-end restaurant, our meal would have cost £180 (including a large glass of red wine and two beers), so for people like myself it would be reserved for a very special occasion, but I do believe the food is worth the price, the dim sum especially.
Obviously, I enjoy food for the taste, but a big factor is the flavours that transport you back to memories and far away places, the dishes I tasted and smelt in Mango Tree took me straight back to my adventures in Thailand over three years ago. It takes a talented chef to do that, so hats off to him.

On my quest to find the best Asian food in London, Mango Tree has placed high, and I feel the next place I find myself will have a lot to live up to!

I was invited to Mango Tree on a review basis, but as always all opinions and my love of Asian food is all my own. 

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