Travel Planning and Booking Resources

After over 10 years of travelling, I like to think I have picked up lots of tips and money-saving skills along the way. This page is filled with all the products and services I trust, as well as any money-saving discount codes I am aware of in order to help you save money on travel.

Travel insurance

Have you got travel insurance for your trip yet? I am insured with World Nomads who I have found really useful. Their insurance is designed by travellers, for travellers, you can even purchase insurance with them once you have left for your trip.

Travel insurance from is available to people from over 130 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.



Finding the best value flights is essential for me, I refuse to pay high prices for flights as it will restrict the amount I can travel. Skyscanner is always my first port of call when trying to find the cheapest flights. One of the best tools on Skyscanner is being able to search the entire month in one go, meaning I can quickly see when the best time to fly is. For more tips on how to reduce your travel costs, check out my post on how to find the cheapest flights.

Google Flights 

After Skyscanner, my go-to is Google Flights. Google Flights effectively work in the same way as Skyscanner however I find sometimes they cover more airlines – especially some of the smaller lesser-known internal Asian airlines.


Train travel in the UK can be expensive, but costs can be reduced by booking in advance. I always use the for this as it allows you to search all train providers, not just one company. They also now cover European train travel too, so it is worth checking them as well if you are planning on travelling across Europe.


I have recently discovered this website and it is incredible. You can find out how to travel anywhere, and it will tell you not just the best, but all possible route, including plane, ferry, train etc. If you are planning on travelling around a country or continent this website can save you hours of research. I  recommend bookmarking this site if you travel frequently.

Japan Rail Pass

Train travel is the best option in Japan and getting a rail pass saves you lots of money. You have to buy the pass before you arrive in Japan, so be sure to order online before you leave. I recommend booking with Japan Rail Pass.


One of the plans for the future is to convert a van for travel until that point all road trips will be happening through hiring a motorhome. If this is something you are looking into, especially on epic American road trips, I recommend looking into RVshare who are essentially an Air BnB for RVs and Motorhomes.


Booking is always my first stop for looking for accommodation abroad. I always find they have the best prices as well as the best information with regards to facilities and location. Also if you book with them frequently you can unlock different rewards and gain access to various discounts. If you book using the link above you will also receive £20 off your first stay.

Air B N B

I do not use Air BnB too often, mainly as I prefer staying in a hotel, but I do use it a lot when visiting America. I find you get a lot more for your money using Air B’n’B in the United States, also this works the same if there is a large group of you. First-time users can also get £30 off when using the link above.

Travel Money


I have used my Revolut card abroad religiously for the past three years and I can safely say while they are around I won’t use anything else. I have used it in all the countries I have visited with no issues.

You get a great exchange rate, money transfer is easy, and it all works via an app on your phone, meaning you also get a notified instantly to your phone every time the card is used. I have recommended this card to so many people now, I am a massive fan.

Portable Wifi

Sky Roam 

Stay connected wherever you go with SkyRoam pocket WiFi. This handy little device will give you unlimited data for your trips, so you’ll never be without maps and a way to contact home.

You can Save 10%  on your purchase with the code YOKOMESHI.