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A Review of The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Cabin

scarlet lady sea terrace cabin with sea bed

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Looking to book a cruise of the Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages? With many choices, it may be hard to decide on a cabin, so here is everything you need to know about the Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Cabin with Balcony. 

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We all know the brand Virgin and we all know they like to do things a bit differently. Which is why I was very intrigued by their newest launch –  Virgin Voyages. 

Virgin Voyages is set to turn the cruising world on its head with The Scarlet Lady as its poster girl. 

Please note I was invited to the launch of The Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages and was able to spend one night in a Sea Terrace Cabin with balcony as well as experience every the cruise has to offer. However, I was under no obligation to post and therefore all opinions are my own. 

A Review of The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Cabin

Key features of the Scarlet Lady: 

  • All Virgin Voyages cruises are for 18+ (meaning no kids allowed)
  • 1330 Cabins 
  • The cruise aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible – all heat produced by the ship is converted back into electricity to help power it. 
  • No single-use plastic is used on the ship.
  • No Buffets, this is to predominately eliminate food waste but in turn, has created incredible dining standards.
  • All gratuities are included.
  • Filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and coffees are inclusive of package costs.

How big is the Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace cabin?

The Sea Terrace Cabin is 235 ft2 / 22 m2 excluding balcony and has a maximum capacity of 2 people

Each cabin has been designed to maximise space but still allowing for comfort. The beds convert from day to night (more on that below) creating a sofa to chill out on during the day as well as an individual size desk and wardrobe. 

Each Sea Terrace cabin also has a wardrobe, safe, TV, toilet, minibar and rainfall shower. 

In terms of facilities, the Sea Terrace cabins are basic and there are no fancy extras (the rockstar suites have electric guitars and amps!) BUT it is all you need in your room. I would much prefer the extra space over extra unnecessary gadgets when there is so much to do on the rest of the ship.

The decor of the cabins is true Virgin style – classy, cool with splashes of red. In my opinion, you cannot fault the interior design of any part of the Scarlet Lady. 

sea terrace cabin virgin voyages by day

The Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin with Sea Bed during the day

What is the bed in the sea terrace cabin like? 

As I previously mentioned the beds convert from day to night. They call them transformational cabin beds or ‘sea beds’ and they are unlike the beds on any other cruise. 

By day the sea bed is converted into a sofa meaning you have room to dance, watch TV, exercise – whatever takes your fancy. Then during the evening, the staff visit each and every cabin to convert them into a double bed for you to fall asleep in. 

scarlet lady sea terrace cabin with sea bed

The Converted Sea Bed at Night

Is the sea bed comfortable? 

If you have the vision of an old school sofa bed in your head right now, forget it. While the sea terrace seabeds may not be as comfy as a luxury hotel bed, they are still a comfy, supportive mattress which allow for a great night’s sleep. 

The sea bed is a double, personally, I would have preferred a King-size, but I have been told this is standard for a cruise. 

I would say if you have been blessed with height (Over 6ft) you may find your feet hang slightly off the edge of the bed. Again, I think you would find this on most cruise ships. 

I enjoyed the bed being converted each morning and evening by staff and I think the Sea Bed is a fantastic idea. It really does ‘transform’ the room and gives the illusion of day to night – which I feel aids for a better nights sleep. 

The Sea Terrace Cabins with Balcony is on par, size-wise, with a mid-range hotel room and considering you will be spending the majority of your timeout of the room, it works really well. 

How big is the balcony in the sea terrace cabins?

Unsurprisingly, every Sea Terrace Cabin with balcony has an attached private balcony! 

The balcony is 185 ft2 / 17 m2 and has a comfortable capacity of 4 people – pretty generous in my opinion.

Each balcony comes standard with 2 chairs and a hammock. I would say, due to the overhang of the above decks, I am not sure if it would be possible to sunbathe on your private balcony. However, there are plenty of places to sunbathe around the pool and on the ship’s top decks. 

Please be aware the ‘insider cabin’, ‘solo inside cabin’ and ‘sea view cabins’  do not have private balconies

What is storage like in the cabins? 

The Sea Terrace cabins do have limited storage. The supplied storage area is within the built-in cabin wardrobes and I would say there is enough space for 2 medium-sized cases. More stackable storage is available if you choose not to unpack. 

The wardrobe then has a double hanging rail as well as few shelves for clothes storage.

While there is space to store cases in other parts of the room, they would not be ‘hidden’ like they are in the wardrobe. You could also potentially fit a case under the ‘fixed’ portion of the sea bed to maximise storage space. 

How many plugs are on the scarlet lady cabins?

There are a total of 10 plug sockets inside the Sea Terrace Cabin. 

By the desk, there is  1 European socket, 1 US socket and 2 USB sockets.

By the side of the bed, there is US socket and 2 USB sockets on both sides.

Can you order room service to the cabins?

The Scarlet Lady offers 24-hour food and drink delivery service direct to your cabin. 

Would I book this cabin for myself?

For a short 4-7 day cruise, yes. I feel the Sea Terrace Cabins are perfectly suited for the short cruises offered by The Scarlet Lady. 

The rooms offer everything you need when so much is on offer on the rest of the cruise. The room has enough storage for what you need on a cruise of this length and the ‘seabed’ maximises cabin space in order to avoid feeling claustrophobic.

If this were a longer cruise, such as 14 day+, I do feel space might be inadequate for two people and would probably advise opting for a large room – such as one of the XL suites.

I would definitely opt to go for a balcony cabin to allow yourself to have private outdoor space. 

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on board the scarlet lady by virgin voyages

How many restaurants are on the Scarlet Lady? 

There are currently 20 different dining options on the Scarlet Lady, serving everything from fine dining to stone-baked pizzas. All eateries offer vegetarian and vegan options, but the Razzle Dazzle has a full vegan and vegetarian centred menu. 

Other stand-out features onboard the Scarlet Lady: 

  • A Night Club 
  • A Spa 
  • Tattoo and Piercing Parlour 
  • Retro Arcade 
  • Running Track (and gym) 
  • Theatre for evening entertainment 
  • Stubble and Groom – Men’s salon 
  • Afternoon DJ-led Pool parties 

Having never been on a cruise before I was unsure what to expect, however, in true Virgin style everything on the Scarlet Lady is different to a ‘standard cruise’ anyway. Virgin Voyages are really tapping into a ‘new brand of cruising’ aimed at the child-free Millenial market and by booking a Sea Terrace Cabin you will definitely still get the full  ‘Virgin experience’. 

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