5 Tips for Exploring a New City: How to Make the Most Out of It

view from the mainport design hotel, a great place for one day in rotterdam

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As travel lovers, we are constantly seeking a new adventure and new knowledge and exploring a new city is one of the best ways to satisfy this craving. From well-visited cities such as Copenhagen or the lesser-visited Sarajevo, here are some tips to help you explore any new city with ease.

Tips for Exploring a New City

Make use of Public Transport but  if possible walk too

Public transport is tempting. It lets us get around with little to no effort and quickly, but often we’re whisked past things we might enjoy seeing – small things like an interesting building or fountain in the city might be missed while you’re on a bus or train, so sometimes just walking around gets us the best view of life on the ground in a city. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, don’t forget to stay hydrated and remember this golden rule – the right shoes go a long way!

Of course, once you’re tired of and need a break from walking don’t forget many cities around the world now have e-hailing taxi services like Uber a tap away.

Eat the Local Food

One of the most appealing things about travel is the food. Become a ‘locavore’ by eating, drinking and experiencing other culture’s food. It really is such a privilege. Don’t forget to visit traditional restaurants, eat food from street food vendors and ask for recommendations from servers, cooks, chefs, and staff. They know what their city or country is best known for and won’t hesitate to recommend some of their favourites to you.

Local food is almost always delicious and different, and you might find yourself developing new favourites to attempt to cook when you get home.

langos - Vegetarian food in budapest

Talk to Strangers and Locals

While you’re asking for recommendations, don’t forget to just talk to people. This is one of the only times where you can (within reason and safely) ignore that childhood advice of not talking to strangers.

Local people love talking about their town and will almost always enjoy a chat. Guidebooks will tell you a huge amount of useful information and are full of essential things you need to know about your destination, but they won’t know the small tips and tricks that a local might know, so talk to strangers – ask them where to eat or what to see!

Allow Time to Just Explore

Try not to rush from tourist attraction to tourist attraction. This same reason why you should walk around the city is the same reason you shouldn’t be in a hurry to rush between attractions. Wander down a random road or into a random museum. Find those small hidden gems that you might not see if you don’t.

Leaving the beaten path is such great advice for anyone visiting a new city.

the colosseum in rome is a must for a weekend rome itinerary

Get Enough Rest

Often overlooked when we’re trying to cram everything into our short time in a city is just putting your feet up and relaxing every now and then. Sleeping well and taking breaks is just as important as seeing every attraction in the city. It gives you time to relax, decompress, and talk about things you’ve seen and enjoyed with your travel companions.

You can even use the time to plan your next day. Don’t tour yourself to exhaustion and you’ll enjoy your time much more!

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a new city and seeing how other people live. Using these tips, you’re in a good position to get the most out of your time in whichever new city you happen to find yourself in. 

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