3 Hacks for First-Time Visitors to Singapore

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Singapore is such a unique place that anyone who enjoys travelling and experiencing different cities and cultures almost certainly has it on their list of places to visit. Full of amazing sights and attractions, delicious food and boasting great weather, there’s no excuse not to visit the island at least once in your lifetime.

Before you take your trip to Singapore, I have some travel tips that could help you along the way.

Tips for First-Time Visitors to Singapore

Visit at the Right Time of Year

Often, when you’re travelling to countries on holiday, the time of year you visit is significant. Some months you’ll experience rainfall or other months particularly hot and humid weather, so timing your trip is quite important. For Singapore, this is actually less important than usual.

Because it is so close to the equator, the climate and weather are quite consistent no matter when in the year you visit. This does mean that you’re likely to experience temperatures around 70 °F to 85 °F year-round and you have equal chances of being caught in the rain no matter when you visit.

Perhaps you might consider avoiding the monsoon season which runs from November to January and if you’re really trying to avoid the rain then June and July are likely your best bet – but be prepared for even hotter temperatures.

Saving Some Money

This is probably the most important tip for any traveller, particularly those travelling on a budget – how to stretch your money further. The good news is that Singapore isn’t a particularly expensive country but there are a couple of ways you can tighten your purse strings. Here are some quick and easy ways to save money in Singapore.

Make use of the MRT extensively to get around. Singapore’s subway system is excellent, on time and cheap and if you need to get anywhere this is how to do it. You’ll find good maps at all the subway stations to help you get around.

You don’t need to tip in Singapore. It’s not customary to tip in Singapore and, in fact, many places where you would usually tip like restaurants add a service fee to your bill anyway. If you use cabs or any other service that you might be used to tipping, you should know that it’s never expected.

Unless you’re going specifically for them, think about avoiding Singapore’s national holidays. Naturally, the cost of hotels and similar travelling expenses increase drastically during these holidays so if you want to save some money, this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Escape the Bustle of the City for a While

Don’t limit yourself to Singapore! Singapore is a massive, bustling metropolis with a huge amount to do. You might want to take a break from that for a day or two; if you use Duck Ferries, a ferry trip to a couple of destinations from Singapore is easy.

Nearby destinations like Batam and Bintan aren’t expensive at all to get to and you won’t be sorry you did. It’s a great quick trip idea to get away from the crowds of Singapore and see even more of the surrounds. Bintan, in particular, offers paradise-like beaches with leaning palm trees and blue seas, the Bintan Lagoon golf course, and an environment where you can put your feet up and relax in for a while.

These are just a few quick hacks for you for your first trip to Singapore. There are many more and taking advantage of them can make your holiday experience so much better.

Whatever you do, enjoy your next trip to Singapore and make many unforgettable memories!


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