Bustronome: A wonderfully unique london food tour

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It is no secret that I am in love with London, over the past 31 years I have been lucky enough to call the city my home. I am in love with the history, the clash of cultures, and how it is always ever evolving. London always has something new to offer, a new pop-up quite literally pops up every week and businesses are always competing to offer something unique for both the residents and the tourists.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience Bustronome, a unique London food tour and a strong contender for my favourite food tour yet. The Bustronome is a high-end double-decker bus that stands out for its panoramic dining room. It brings its passengers into the London sphere in the best conditions regardless of the seasons.

“In a nutshell, the unrivalled combination between beauty and leisure on board this luxury bus-restaurant will provide an extraordinary experience ready to awaken your senses. Simply put, passengers on board will discover the most beautiful views of London while enjoying the best of its gastronomy”

bustronome bus in london, offering a unique london food tour

Bustronome offers lunch, afternoon tea and dinner services. I was invited to join their dinner service which consisted of a 2.5-hour tour around London’s best sights and a 6-course dinner. I was so delightfully surprised by the entire experience.

The bus itself is incredibly impressive, a sleek black double-decker bus converted into a fully functioning kitchen with an upstairs restaurant. However, it is the glass roof which really steals the show, allowing diners a 360-degree view of the city whatever the weather outside maybe.

How many people can say they have been driven over Tower Bridge will drinking French wine and eating Young Saint Jude Cheese and Jam?

lady drinking wine on a london food tour by tower bridge lady drinking wine on a unique london food tour by tower bridge

As previously mentioned, Bustronome has been designed as a unique London food tour, and while many of London’s current food tours focus more on the street food available across the city, Bustronome is very much fine dining. Once again making this unique concept stand out above the rest. The 6-course (4 courses for lunch) menu is set, changing every couple of months and I was pleasantly surprised that a full Vegetarian and Vegan menu is also available. All of the dishes were light but filling, wonderfully presented and nothing short of what you would expect in one of London’s top restaurants. I was thoroughly impressed.

Being a dessert girl at heart, it was the Strawberry and Ginger Pavlova with sorbet which really stole the show for me.

What I did really enjoy about Bustronome, is how unintrusive and relaxed the whole experience was, including the sightseeing tour. City highlights were pointed out and explained via a personal handheld gadget, allowing for optional listening. I found this worked perfectly for us, it allowed us to listen to certain points of interest but then also enjoy conversation during the rest of the time. I noticed this is what other guests on the bus were doing as well. Our waiter also continued the unintrusive theme, being available if guests needed him but also allowing people to take everything in.

While initially, it may sound as though Bustronome is aimed at tourists, and with the sightseeing, it is a very good option for tourists, I would firstly recommend this unique food tour experience to residents of London.  For a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, Bustronome provides a truly special evening, an experience that will reopen your eyes to how much London has to offer and make you fall in love with it all over again.

Bustronome runs daily throughout London but advance booking is required. The 6-course dinner menu is priced at £95 person or £122 with wine pairing. I was gifted my experience on Bustronome (for both myself and my guest) however, I would pay to do this experience again, it is truly unique and the food is impeccable.

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