Exploring The Beauty Of Spain

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Spain and the Canary islands are some of the most visited places in the world. Millions of people coming from all over spend their time in these beautiful parts of Europe, and always come back for more. The mainland of Spain, in particular, seems to be causing a storm lately, with more and more people travelling there for their summer holidays. Which is right around the corner for most of us. There’s no time like the present to start thinking about booking a quick breakaway, and the beauty of Spain is that you can just hop on a plane and be there in a couple of hours. It’s such a hassle-free holiday, and it’s also super cheap as well. One of the big reasons why so many Brits and other people from Europe visit, is because it’s so cheap. You can get return flights for less than a hundred, and spending a week there just won’t cost you much at all in terms of food and drink. So, if you haven’t really spent that much time thinking about Spain and all it has to offer, perhaps you’ve only been to one part or know of a few areas, then this is the article for you. We’re going to take you on a journey, that will hopefully help you to explore the beauty of Spain!

Getting To Know The Country

So before you go, you really need to focus on getting to know the country. We think this is actually one of the most entertaining times because it gets you excited about the country, and you don’t feel like you’re going into your trip blind. But it’s not necessarily the parts of it that you need to get to know, it’s all of the traditions and the laws that you need to respect. So many people get themselves in trouble in a foreign country, because the lack of respect for the law is just not there, especially when drink is involved. So, the first thing you need to know about Spain is the country has a zero tolerance of foreign people like us. Even for their own citizens, it is a well-known fact that the Police in Spain are brutal, and a simple offence could lead to a few months in a Spanish prison. So always make sure that you’re keeping yourself under control, and never think about getting behind the wheel after more than two drinks. Well, with the portion sizes Spain do, maybe just the one drink. The police love to hit tourists with fines bigger than you would imagine because half of it gets pocketed. You also need to know that the heat in the summer is insane, and people really get caught out spending days in the hospital with no travel insurance, because of sunburn and heat stroke. Try and stay out of the sun during prime hours, and always wear a higher factor sun cream than you need to. 

The Best Travel Options For Exploring It

There are plenty of ways that you can explore the beauty of Spain. So many of us miss out on it because we’re usually on package holidays. This definitely isn’t the best way to see it, and for the same price, you could usually see two or three different cities. So, we definitely recommend that you hire a car in Spain, get out on the roads. Always make sure you get used to driving over there first before you go out onto the main roads. For one, everything is on the opposite side of the car, so you have to get used to first. Then, you need to get used to the crazy people around you, because Spanish drivers wait for no one. You have to keep up with the pace of the roads, and understanding the road layout is also super important. If this isn’t your style, you could think about renting a yacht or small boat for the holiday. Luxurious sounding we know, but if you were to sail along the coast, you would just have the most fabulous time. You could easily learn at home quickly, and then be ready to take to the seas when you hit the shore. If you have a little money spare to spend on something luxurious, then this is definitely the option that we’d recommend going for!

Key Places To Visit

So, Spain is a big country with tons of places for you to go and visit. So it all depends on what sort of holiday you want, and what you want to see. Some of you will prefer that coast and seaside vibe, and there’s plenty of stop offs that will allow you to get a taste of that. Valencia, Murcia, Salou, Marbella… the list could go on. If you could pick a coastal route that takes you across all of these, then boy will you be in for a treat. We will say, however, then you’ll often find the coastal roads are far busier, so if you’re thinking about doing some sort of road trip, then this might not be the best option. If you prefer more of a city vibe, then there are some great ones for you to hit. Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, there’s just tons of options for you to go for, all of which we know will give you that true Spanish experience.

Making The Most Of The Food

We want to finish by talking about the food in Spain because it’s so easy for us to go there as tourists, and stick to the food that we know. But Spain offers so much flavour and so much excitement in the dishes that it has, so why not get yourself thinking about them. From the tapas that you’ll be able to find in pretty much every town and city, to the beautiful variations of Paella that you just have to try. Always try and stick to the more authentic Spanish restaurants, because they seriously do offer the best types of food.

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