4 Ways To Decide Which Travel Activities You Should Do

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Travelling sounds easy until you’re out there and realise there are lots of decisions to make. For example, how are you going to choose which activities to do and which ones to bypass? At home, you imagined you’d do everything but reality strikes when you’re in the field and realise you don’t have the time or money. 

The best option is to weigh up your choices and pick the ones that are the most important. Here are some tips that will help if you don’t know where to start.

view from the top of table mountain, one of the best things to do when spending 3 days in cape town

Is It Once In A Lifetime?

Plenty of tours will market their activities as once in a lifetime yet they like to be liberal with the truth. Realistically, snorkelling or scuba diving is available in a lot of countries so the chances are you’ll get the opportunity again at some point. However, historical sites and natural wonders are pretty impossible to replicate. If you’re in Peru, don’t miss Machu Picchu, or if you’re visiting Guatemala, Tikal is incredible. To see a landmark that dates back centuries isn’t something you get to witness on a daily basis.


Is It Watered Down?

Some tours try and replicate the once in a lifetime sites and fail miserably. Anybody who goes to Central America will understand when they see the number of ruins on the map. The same goes for temples in Southeast Asia, to go to them all is a difficult task and one that you won’t enjoy because the novelty will wear thin. And, if it’s not going to be a cool experience, then what’s the point? The mature thing to do is to pick the number one option (in your opinion) and leave the others. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and broke simultaneously.

Is It Luxurious?

Not all travel activities fit the bill, but some do due to the location and accessibility. Yacht rental Miami is a bucket list option due to the hype while hiring a boat to visit the San Blas islands is as beautiful as well as affordable. When you get the opportunity and money isn’t a problem, you should try and grab it with both hands while you still can. Or, you should soak up the luxury whenever possible. With months of eating basic pasta recipes and living with strangers in dorm rooms, it’s worth the expense.

Are You Insured?

Okay, your health insurance policy is the last thing you think about until it’s too late. Still, it should be in the back of your mind considering it could make or break the entire trip. Getting airlifted back to the mainland and having to fly home isn’t an enjoyable experience. So, it’s better to consider your medical allowance and whether there’s a risk of considerable danger beforehand. For example, you probably shouldn’t scuba dive if you don’t have the “Hazardous Sports Cover” included in your plan. 

When push comes to shove, how will you decide what to do and what to watch from a distance?


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