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Towering Tour: Visiting The Great Mountains Of Africa

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Mountains are one of nature’s most impressive features. These hulking hills are the result of millions of years of Earth’s crust moving, and this is often helped along by volcanic activity. As a continent, Africa is home to more than its fair share of mountains. To give you the chance to explore them properly, this post will be going through some of the best and most popular of them all, making it much easier to get started with booking your trip.

The Great Mountains Of Africa

Table Mountain

Sitting on the outskirts of Cape Town, this first mountain is just about as far south as you can get when you visit Africa. Table Mountain isn’t very tall, sitting at just 1085m, but it makes up for this with character. As the name suggests, Table Mountain has a flat top. This makes it into a good spot for building attractions, and few places offer the same level of ease when it comes to getting to the peak. There is a cable car at the base of Table Mountain which can take you all the way to the top.

Mount Meru

Tanzania has a lot to offer when it comes to national parks and other protected wild areas. Calling one of the most popular of these home, Mount Meru is a special volcano. Having gone through a major eruption around 9000 years ago, the surrounding area is laced with evidence of volcanic activity, with craters and caves making it into a challenge to explore. Arusha National Park is home to loads of different species of bird, monkeys, and even leopards, giving you the chance to see some wildlife while you do your climb.


Rwenzori Mountains

DR Congo is one of Africa’s most prominent rising stars, at the moment. Mount Stanley, in the Rwenzori Mountain Range, is the tallest peak in this country, sitting at around 5109m. This is far higher than most of the mountains around the world, and its forming has helped to shape the Great Lakes into what they are today. Very few mountains have such a rich and well-understood story, making it a great place to visit if you’d like to soak up a spot of natural history.


Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is another volcano which has been active within the last couple of hundred years. Last thought to have erupted in the early ’60s, this mountain has a very impressive caldera at its peak, showing just how much magma must have flowed at some point in the past. A Mount Longonot hike by African Sermon Safaris could be an excellent way to see as much of this mountain as possible, giving you the chance to travel with experts while you explore this beautiful natural features.


Marrah Mountains

Sitting at around 3042m, the Marrah Mountains are the tallest natural features in Sudan. Not only are these mountains tall, though, but they also have another unique feature; two craters. Believed to be the result of two separate eruptions, the main crater is vast, and the second one sits inside it. These mountains aren’t quite as well known as the others on this list, upping the chances that you’ll get to see the place without anyone else there, and this is will make the experience far more exciting.


Ras Dashen

At 4550m, Ras Dashen is by no means the tallest mountain on this list. Instead, this place offers something a little different, with some of the most interesting rock formations found in Africa. Ras Dashen calls Ethiopia home. Thanks to eruptions in the past, much of the rocks surrounding Ras Dashen are pumice, giving the region a quality which most people would expect to see on a different planet.


Mount Bisoke

This next mountain sits in both DR Congo and Rwanda, though the peak is in the latter. As an active volcano, this is another example with an impressive caldera, only this one is filled with water. Forming a small lake, this provides a truly unique experience for mountain explorers. The sides of the mountain aren’t just exposed rock, either, with trees and other plant life making the volcano into a rich ecosystem. This is one of the few places left on Earth which can provide a good habitat for mountain gorillas.

Gabal El Uweinat

Unlike the other mountains on this list, size and volcanic activity aren’t what makes Mount Uwaynat popular. Instead, this place is all about human history, with some of the world’s earliest examples of petroglyphs being found here. These images depict animals like gazelles and cows, usually surrounded by small human figures. Most people don’t ever get the chance to see something like this for themselves, with ancient drawings being incredibly rare.


Giant’s Castle

While the name makes it sound a little scary, you found find any giants here. Calling South Africa home, this mountain gets its name from its wide area and flat top, as they make it look like a giant fort. Like Uwaynat, Giant’s Castle is home to ancient artwork, and it’s been preserved perfectly. There are few places which are better for views of South Africa, especially without taking to the sky.

Mount Kilimanjaro

There are few mountains across the face of the planet which are quite as well known as Mount Kilimanjaro. Sitting at 4900m, this is by far the tallest mountain in Africa, and this has made it into a popular spot for climbers over the years. If you plan to climb this one, you’ll need to do some training first, with some climbers spending years learning about the mountain before they attempt to get to the top. Of course, though, you’ll also need to take a coat with you, as the weather is likely to get a bit cold.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start planning your next mountain adventure. Most people never get to go on a trip like this, worried that they will struggle to reach the peaks of the mountains they visit. In reality, though, you don’t have to climb to the very top to enjoy something like this.

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