Simple ways to bring travel into your everyday life

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When you come home from holiday it’s safe to say the thought of getting back to normal makes us all feel a little glum. But it doesn’t have to be that way, here are some simple ways to hold on to that travel spirit until your next great escape.

Simple ways to incorporate travel into your everyday life

Memories and mementos

Okay, so it’s never going to be the same being at home to being on your travels. But making scrapbooks, mood boards, video edits, or however you get creative can be a great way to keep those holiday memories current, and keep the post-holiday slump at bay. A trinket here on a bookshelf to remind you of a beach in Indonesia, a postcard wedged in a mirror from a perfect day in Paris; there are lots of ways you can take your travels with you. Even when at home!

The taste of travel

If you need to get a taste of travel but it’s mid-week and your next holiday is months away, bring a little of the world to you! Pick up some authentic spices from your local market, or organise a dinner at a French restaurant you’ve been meaning to try and see if you can use in a real-life situation the words you learnt from Duolingo or Memrise. These are all simple ways to keep the feel of travel going. Why not pick up a recipe book when abroad, and try to recreate some of your favourite dishes from your holidays when back home?

Everywhere you look

Spanish cinema with subtitles instead of whatever blockbuster is currently showing could be the perfect way to bring the sense of travel into your home life. And with Netflix showing some of the best international series and films around, there is no reason you can’t bring experience a little of the world from your very own sofa. Pick up a book about the places you’ve been or are intending to go or follow blogs about your favourite destinations to visit. Bring travel to you, if you can’t currently go travelling!

Learn a language

How better to remember some of the favourite places you’ve travelled to than to pick up some of the languages of that destination? And what better way could there be to prepare for your next trip than to pick up some words and phrases for the place you are going? According to Listen & Learn, learning a language isn’t just about picking up new words and tackling unfamiliar grammar. It’s not even really about just getting what you want in a restaurant or bar. Learning a language is about immersing yourself in an entirely different way of living. What better way is there to bring travel home with you?

Get planning

Of course, nothing is quite the same as doing the travelling for yourself. So why not start planning your next adventures, or blog about all the places you have already been to? If your mind is constantly seeking out your next exotic location then it might not truly feel like you are home at all! This world is vast and beautiful; who wouldn’t want to be dreaming about all the favourites that we’re waiting to explore? 

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