Top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult!

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If you have read this blog for a while you will know I am a massive Disney fan at heart, give me the opportunity to visit one of the parks and I am there with my ears on ready to embrace everything it has. But believe it or not there are some people out there who believe visiting the Disney Parks are only for kids, well these people, in my opinion,  are wrong, they just do not know how to do the parks right, and in this particular case, Disneyland Paris.

See visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult is very different from visiting as a kid or even with kids. You will have different priorities and a different way of wanting to do things in order to get the most out of your day at  Disneyland Paris.

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My top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult:

Is it possible to visit both Disneyland Paris parks in one day?

In Paris, there are two different parks, Disneyland and The Walt Disney Studios, the original Disneyland is where you will find the castle and the more classic rides whereas The Walt Disney Studios is where you will find more of the thrill rides aimed at an older audience.

We visited in January and managed to visit both parks in one day, this meant watching a parade, riding all the rides we were interested in and having time to meet a few characters as well as look around the shops. We were lucky that one the day we visited we had relatively short ride queues, in the height of summer this may not be possible.

It is important to note that it is a separate entrance fee for each park unless you buy a hopper ticket. A hopper ticket means you can switch between each park as much as you like, this is the ticket I recommend however if you are only planning on visiting one park, I would suggest visiting Disneyland over Walt Disney Studios, it has a more ‘Disney feel’ while there are fewer thrill rides there are more character meets, parades and of course the castle. In my opinion, I feel you would struggle to spend a whole day at Walt Disney Studios as it is relatively small.

Shall I buy my Disneyland Park tickets at the gate?

No, always buy your tickets in advance. Buying your ticket in advance allows you to go to straight to the entrance gate, this means you will not have to queue.

This is especially important when arriving at the parks for the opening time as being able to head straight to the park will allow you to get a head start on the ride queues.

I recommend buying your tickets in advance from Attractiontix, they frequently have offers on meaning at times they are cheaper than gate price plus their tickets also include various other offers like a discount at certain restaurants and use of Fastpass on the rides.

Quick top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris as a grown up:

Arrive at the parks at opening times. Check in advance what time the parks open and aim to arrive around 20 minutes before opening, this will give you a head start on the ride queues as the parks will be emptier at this time. I also recommend starting your day in Walt Disney Studios, as I previously mentioned, the bigger rides are in this park which tends to have the bigger queues. If you can, head straight to Crush’s Coaster, Rocking Rollercoaster or Hollywood Tower of Terror to beat the queues.

big thunder mountain and the haunted mansion in paris

If you have your heart set on visiting the Disneyland first, then head to Hyperspace Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain first. However, another reason I do not recommend visiting Disneyland first is that it is a beautiful park, almost everyone will get distracted by Main Street and the Castle on arrival, and by the time you make it to one of the rides, the queues will already be pretty big. My general advice will always be, get the ‘main rides’ out of the way first, then concentrate on everything else.

Everyone has access to Fast Pass tickets – just scan your park ticket at the ride you want to go on and it’ll print you off a Fast Pass ticket with an allocated time to come back. But be aware, there is only a set allocation for the day, once they are gone they are gone. You can also only have one Fastpass at a time, so use it wisely.

fastpass ticket at disneyland paris, fastpasses are a great way to beat the crowds when visiting disneyland paris as an adult

If you have a smartphone, download the official Disneyland Paris App, this will give you access to all the current queue times as well as where the nearest restrooms and restaurants are. The App will also locate where the character meet and greets are for that day as well as parade times. Wifi is also free in the parks so you will not need to worry about using data.

If the queues are big then make use of the single ride queues. Single Rider is available at Hyperspace Mountain, Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toqué de Rémy, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, and RC Racer.

If you are an adult visiting Disneyland you may not be fussed about the character meet and greets, but if you are they are mainly located in Disneyland with the odd few Pixar characters in Walt Disney Studios. The Princesses always have the longest wait, but to be honest I find these meets quite awkward so always skip them. If you want a fun experience meet Donald Duck, as he is always hilarious and sassy.

Again, if you are not fussed about watching the parades use this time to visit the more popular rides or character meets, they will always be quieter when the parades are on.

Want the classic shot in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Do not be put off by the crowds, it is possible to get a good photo with no one in the background. As you approach the castle, instead of heading through the middle, follow the path to the left, here you will find an area where no one else will be and you can get the perfect photo.
lady in front of they disneyland paris castle, a great place to get a photo with no people in the background

Wear comfy trainers, you will be doing a lot of walking – we clocked up over 35,000 steps on our day at Disneyland Paris. No one will be looking at what you are wearing, go for the comfy shoes, your day so much more enjoyable.

Bring snacks with you, food inside the parks can be expensive and in my opinion, is not worth it like it is in the Florida parks. Aim to have one meal inside the parks and bring snacks for the rest of the time. I recommend eating at either Casey’s Hot Dogs in Disneyland or Earl of Sandwich in the Disney Village. If you are interested in spending a bit more for a better class sit down restaurant then Bistrot Chez Remy in the Walt Disney Studios comes highly recommended.

Bring a reusable water bottle – help the environment and save yourself money. The restaurants are always happy to refill your bottle for you.

Take in the detail, Disneyland Paris sets itself apart from the other parks with its attention to details. In no other parks can you visit the Dragon under the castle or go into the castle to see the stain glass windows up close. Disneyland Paris is extremely pretty and I recommend allocating time to see these little touches which make the park unique.

There are tons of merchandise shops across the two parks but ensure you save it until the end of the day. Shopping throughout the day will mean you have to carry it with you all day, including on the rides. Generally, the shops stay open later than the rides, so save your shopping until the end of the day.

Embrace your inner child, go with the Disney flow and really enjoy yourself. The Disney company and its parks are all about believing in magic and the impossible, spend the day doing just that and embrace all the madness that comes with it.

For me, visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult was just as enjoyable as visiting it as a kid. The parks cater to people of every age, so do not feel like you have to do everything, just do the things you feel you will enjoy.


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