Paris Hotel Review: 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord

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Whenever I travel to Paris I travel by Eurostar, generally, it will be late on a Friday evening after work and by the time I arrive in Paris all I want to do is fall straight into bed. In the past, that has usually been delayed by a metro journey across the city and I turn up bleary-eyed not paying any attention to the hotel until the next morning. But now things have changed, now the 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord has opened and it is safe to say I am a convert.

Dotted across mainland Europe the 25 Hours group launch hotels packed with personality in lively locations, a point which is very much proven in their newest venture in Paris – the newest link in the 25 Hours Hotel Chain. The Terminus Nord is a hotel situated opposite Gard Du Nord station, the travelling distance is less than a 3-minute walk. Making the 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord an excellent choice for both tourists and guests travelling for work.
colour interiors of the hotel terminus nord in paris

25hours Hotel Terminus Nord – Review

Aside from the fantastic location, the Terminus Nord boutique hotel also has a lot more to offer. On arrival into the large reception, you are instantly greeted with the bursting personality of the hotel chain and understand the effort which has gone into the interior design throughout. This particular hotel is said to be a ‘declaration of love to the lively spirit of this district and its inhabitants‘ and boasts an African and Asian theme throughout, in particular, the themed reception is reminiscent of various colourful street markets which I have visited in South East Asia.

hotel reception terminus nord, paris

We checked into a large room located on the 4th floor and was pleased to the see the attention to interiors runs throughout.  The hotel has various sized rooms to suit your budget and style, however, I would recommend a room with a balcony – for me, the balcony really stole the show.  Hotel rooms with a balcony are treated to a view over Gard Du Nord and one of the busiest districts of Paris, allowing you to sit above and watch the world go by below, it is something really quite special.  The only downside to this being that you will hear the traffic inside your room until late in the evening, therefore, if you are particularly light sleeper you may wish to opt for a room located further back in the hotel.
view for Gard du nord station from the balcony of the 25 hours hotel terminus nord
a large hotel room inside the terminus nord hotel paris, part of the 25 hours group

Large rooms are also treated to a   bed, one which has now joined my list of the comfiest hotel beds (The Bloc Hotel in Gatwick Airport is still reigning champion.) as well as other perks such as a rainfall shower, high-speed internet and smart TV.

It is also obvious that sustainability has been considered when creating the hotel as well, canvas bags are available in the room and are encouraged for use around the city during your stay, minimal water usage in encouraged and while toiletries in plastic bottles are provided in the rooms, they are full-sized rather than personal minis allowing for less plastic wastage. Simply changes like this are things I have really started to look out for recently when choosing hotels to stay in, and with sustainability being in a big focus in tourism for 2019, it really shows the 25 hours Hotel chain as a forward-thinking group.

Outside of the rooms, the hotel also has a bar and restaurant which is open to both guests and the public. The luxurious Sape bar which opens at 5 pm, is perfect for evening cocktails before heading out into the city or if you are Parisian local, a great place in Paris for after work drinks. We only visited the Neni Paris restaurant for breakfast, so, therefore, cannot comment on the lunch or dinner offerings, however, I will again compliment the interior design, as I adored the contrast of the chaotic bright framed images against the baby pink walls. We ate at the breakfast buffet on both mornings and it is a very generous offering, ranging from granola, fresh fruits, cooked pastries as well as various hot items. If you are lucky enough to be there on a morning when French Toast is served – eat it, it is delicious.
the neni paris restaurant in paris inside the terminus nord hotel, part of the 25 hours hotel group

I have already harped on about the fantastic location of the Terminus Nord Hotel, but only in the sense of Gard Du Nord Station. If you are visiting Paris as a tourist you will most likely be sightseeing, therefore location will be even more important to you. The metro station entrance is conveniently located outside the main entrance of the hotel, making it easy to reach your desired location, however, if you are a keen walker like myself, the walk to the Eiffel Tower is around 45 minutes. This may sound quite a long walk to some but on a sunny day it is a beautiful walk and I really encourage it. If you are a keen cyclist the hotel also offers bikes to rent throughout your stay as well, however, Parisian roads are busy so I would recommend only to confident cyclists.

If you are planning on visiting Disneyland Paris during your visit again you are in a prime location for an early start, this is one of the activities we did during our last visit.

Looking for directions to Disneyland? How to get to from Gard Du Nord to Disneyland Paris by RER.

We are invited to stay at the Terminus Nord Hotel free of charge in exchange for an honest review, however, I can safely say I would and will be staying there again as a paying customer. The convenience of the location alone makes this, however, I have also found in 25 Hours Hotels a hotel chain which resonates with me – quirky, vibrant and taking strong steps towards sustainability.

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