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S1 E2: Rhino Conservation in Africa with Worldwide Experience

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In this episode I speak to Taryn Ingram-Gillson from Worldwide Experience about the incredible trips they offer in Africa and across the globe. I took a trip with Worldwide Experience in 2017 which was nothing short of incredible, I really support them and what they stand for as a company with responsible and sustainable tourism.

About Worldwide Experience

Worldwide Experience, initially called Eco Africa Experience, developed a conservation volunteer programme on the reserve in response to demand. It was this demand that drove the inspiration and commitment to developing a safe, supervised and structured programme delivered by professionals, for students and volunteers where they could not only learn about wildlife and conservation, but gain hands-on experience in the field, allowing them to make a difference to the natural ecosystems and surrounding communities.

We also have a big chat about the current rhino crisis across Africa as well as a heart warming chat about rhino conservation and how appropriate it is that the collective name for a group of Rhino is called a crash!

If you would like to find out how you can book a trip with Worldwide Experience, you can visit their website.

The trip I took with them was Vets Go Wild and you can find out about some more of the trips they offer here.


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