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a travel tech inspired flatlay

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I am a sucker for a new gadget, especially when it comes to something technology related. My wish list for products is never-ending and I always adding something to my Amazon wish list. However, I do know this is my materialistic side and I already have all the travel tech I need to be a “travel blogger”, in fact, all you need really to be a travel blogger is a place to write and a mobile phone to take photos on. But for those who are interested in what I take with me on my trips, I thought I would list my technology essentials what I take on every trip. I am by no means a ‘tech expert’ (I cannot tell you what is a good 4k Camera, in fact, I only very recently found out what a 4k camera  actually is!) but I know what works for me on the budget I have and do know you do not need to spend a fortune to be a travel blogger.

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a travel tech inspired flatlay

My Travel Blogger tech kit


300mm lens on a canon dslr is my go-to travel tech for wildlife photos

An example of the 300mm lens used with the Canon 600D DSLR

I use a Canon 600D, which I have had for over four years now, it was purchased around a year before I even considered blogging and I absolutely love it. I am pretty sure you cannot buy it new anymore as there have been so many upgrades, but I know how to use it and I love the photos it takes, hence why at present I have not upgraded it. DSLR cameras are quite bulky, so I do know many bloggers tend to up for compact cameras, however in addition to my Canon I did have an Olympus Pen but I sold it as I did not get on with it at all. You need to comfortable with your camera and learn how to use it to get the best photos. The only additional purchase I got for my DSLR was a 300mm lens which I only use if I am going on wildlife trips, such as safari where a longer lens is needed.

Aside from travel and wildlife photography, another area I want to improve is my food photography and in the following year, I will be looking more into the added kit which I might need for that. If this is something you are also interested in I have found this post on the best cameras for food photography useful.

Action Camera

I use a GoPro Hero Session which I was given as a present around three years ago. It is one of the more basic GoPro cameras but again, it does everything I need it to do. I used to it to film the video below, and while the image quality is not the best, I am not Youtuber, I occasionally make videos alongside my writing for additional content. I have thought about upgrading it on multiple occasions, in fact, I am pretty sure the new Hero 7  is sitting in my Amazon basket right now, but the truth is I do not use it enough at the moment to justify a new one. I do add new accessories to my Go Pro collection though and my most used is the My Armour Pole and floating handle ( a must if you intended to use it when snorkelling)

An example of a photo taken with the GoPro Hero Session which is also waterproof

An example of a photo taken with the GoPro Hero Session which is also waterproof

SD Cards

If you are looking to spend more on your travel blogger kit then spend money on SD Cards, in my opinion, you can never have too many and they take up no room in your luggage. There is nothing worse than being away and your SD card running out of memory with no way to upload photos.

Google Pixel 2

An example of portrait mode on the Google Pixel 2

An example of portrait mode on the Google Pixel 2

My most used camera is my Google Pixel 2, I ditched my iPhone for the Google Pixel and have never looked back since, I adore it. All photos upload automatically to Google Photos meaning you have unlimited photo storage, the camera quality is incredible for a camera phone and it also has a really impressive portrait mode setting. I have raved about the Pixel 2 to everyone if you are looking for an iPhone replacement which is very similar in looks and usage, but has better features, choose the Pixel 2. I am fully converted. Recently I have been looking into a DJI Osmo Gimbal to use with my Pixel and it is a gadget I am really considering, however, I need to decide I will create enough video to justify it.

Anker Power Bank

I am pretty sure everyone owns a power bank anyway, but if you do not then get one. My phone battery is pretty impressive considering how much I use the camera on it as well as social media, but I always carry a power bank on me in case. There is nothing worse than running out of phone battery, the Anker power banks are my favourites, as they are lightweight, compact and have the capacity to do four full charges.

iPad Pro

My biggest tech investment since I started blogging has been on my iPad Pro, I take this with me on every trip. Not only is it great for accessing important documents, social media and writing blog posts I can use it with Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos on the go. By using a USB-c card reader  I can upload my photos directly from my SD card to my iPad Pro and edit them ready for social media while I am still on a trip, this has been a game changer for me. It also a great way to catch up with work on flights.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Okay, I do not actually have this yet, but, it is my next purchase because I am starting a podcast (!!). I am a complete podcast novice so at present I am absorbing any knowledge out there and have especially found the Twins That Travel’s podcast guide really useful. Blue Yeti Microphones are seen as decent starter microphones, the price is quite high seeing as I do not know how the podcast will go, but hopefully, it will be something I can sell if I choose not proceed with the podcast long term. I hope to record most of the episodes from the comfort of my own home, but where some will be recorded on location this one seems portable enough to pop in my bag.

That is all I take on my trips when creating content for my blog. I do not feel it is too much and I also do not feel, with the exception of the iPad, I have spent out too much money on expensive equipment just for my blog. I am a massive believer in investing in yourself over equipment, buying an expensive drone will not automatically mean you can produce incredible content, it may help, but your skills and talents are the most important. Work with what you have and slowly introduce new bits of tech if you feel they will be beneficial to you.

It is also most important to remember to still have fun on your trips and actually take in where you are. The last thing you want is your trip to the Taj Mahal ruined because you are hauling around a massive backpack full of tech and constantly worrying about how to get the best shots for Instagram. No photo or video will beat the memory of actually being there in that moment.

Looking for some pointers on not over packing? I have compiled a list of my smart packing tips and the packing cubes I use for every trip.

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