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I have never been one for surprises, I am the type of person who hates opening presents in front of people as it makes me feel painfully awkward and the idea of a surprise party is my own personal version of hell.  I am the type of person who likes to know what is about to happen at all times so that all potential outcomes can also be planned for. So when WowTrip asked if I would like to go a trip where I would only find out where I was when I arrived at the airport, it may come as a surprise that I jumped at the opportunity.

I opted to take the trip because in a world where we have the ability to have the world at our fingertips it is hard to be really spontaneous anymore, I rarely visit a city without thoroughly researching it beforehand, I know where the best places to eat are and I always know where to head for the best views at dusk or dawn. Alongside the nervous feeling at the pit of my stomach was the buzzing feeling of excitement, the excitement of the unknown.

What is the concept behind WowTrip?

WowTrip is a travel company who work on the basis of ‘surprise trips’ based in Europe. Generally, these trips range from two nights all the way up to seven nights, perfect for city breakers like me, and depart from all major UK airports (London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh)

You select the dates and length according to your budget (trips start from around £200), rule out the cities you would not like to visit, your passport details and they sort the rest. It is that simple, and the process really was that simple, they even checked us into our flights.

Like myself, some of the more anxious among you may have a lot more questions right now, such as:

How will I know what to pack?
Well 48 hours before your trip you will be able to access a weather report via your login on their website, as well as times to arrive at the airport.

What will my hotel be like?
Well, it will definitely be a hotel, and wow trip travel also guarantees it will be a 3-4 star hotel located in the city centre – again I can verify this is correct and we were really happy with our hotel.

How do I get my boarding passes if I do not know where I am going?!
As I mentioned WowTrip check you in, and on the morning of your flight you will be to access a link (through your user profile on their website) to where you are going, a city guide for your destination, hotel voucher and mobile friendly boarding passes.

Where did we end up on our surprise trip?
Cologne, Germany! A place I have never considered visiting before but ended up really enjoying. We had beautiful weather and due to not pre-planning lots of things to do we ended up having a very relaxed weekend. Due to good flight times (morning arrival and late evening departure), we had nearly three whole days and even managed a day trip to Düsseldorf by train.

I absolutely adored the ease of WowTrip, no spending ages deciding where to go, usually something influenced by flight prices, no researching best locations for hotels, it could not have been a simpler process.

Any negatives behind booking a surprise trip?
The only thing I would say is the price of our trip jumped up after we vetoed some locations. WowTrip allows you to discard one destination for free, this may be because you have already visited or simply because you just don’t fancy visiting there.  After that each additional destination is £5, if our trip was not gifted, it would have put an additional £50 on our total, but at the same time, this was all part of my control as I really didn’t want to go to a destination I had already been to.

I really enjoyed the concept behind WowTrip and feel it would work perfectly as a special gift. Alternatively, as a gift to yourself if you are looking for a stress and hassle free getaway where everything is done for you. 

Before our surprise city break, the idea of heading to the airport with no idea where I was going would induce all kinds of fear, but I actually shocked myself with how relaxed I was about the situation,  and I would say a majority of that was due to the ease of the booking process, instilling confidence and trust from the first point.


Would you ever consider booking a surprise trip? Book yours here: WowTrip 


Press Trip provided by WowTrip

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    July 29, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Oh this is sooo much fun! I love suprises and would be up for any surprise trip anytime! To bad I am not living in UK 🙁

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