A Life Update – July 2018

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A bit of personal post today as it has been a while, things have been busy, really busy. Over the past month or so, it feels like so much has happened, so many good things, but it does feel like this year is just flying by and therefore now, I am ready for it all to slow down a bit.

Unfortunately, in all the madness, the blog has had to take a back seat and my priorities have had to be placed elsewhere. At times I have not had time to sit and think let alone write a decent blog post and being completely honest, the ones I have put up I haven’t been 100% happy with. I never want to put up content for the sake of putting up content, but at times over the past month, I feel I have but that will stop now. I am at a stage now where I am being offered amazing opportunities and for them to continue I need to ensure I am only putting up content I am proud of, on the other hand though, I feel like I really starting to nail down my style on Instagram, I am loving the images I am putting up on there and my audience growth is reflecting that.

So what have I been up to for the past two months?

We bought a flat

Yes, we did and bloody hell am I proud. We are now proud of owners of a beautiful new build in Greater London and it is safe to say I am absolutely obsessed with it. The awesome team over at Desenio have sent us some gorgeous travel themed prints which I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks and I am really enjoying making it feel like home. Also, people are not lying when they say buying property is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, wow, the whole process has taken just over six months and I am so glad it is all over.

I turned 30!

I turned 30 at the end of June and guess what? It feels exactly the same as 29, despite my constant worrying. I celebrated for roughly two weeks, making the most of any opportunity to eat out or meet up with friends, I spent the last night of my twenties dancing to Taylor Swift at Wembley Arena followed by a Birthday breakfast at Duck and Waffle. The effort everyone put in to make my 30th so incredibly special, especially DJ, blew me away and I spent the whole month filled with so much love.

Travel Plans

After our massive American road trip in April, due to the move, our travel plans became non-existent,  and I missed it more than I thought I ever would, I missed the buzz of going to the airport, I missed the feeling of arriving in a brand new place but it also has made me appreciate it so much more. Last night, we came home from a surprise weekend trip to Cologne, Germany with Wow Trips, I have never considered visiting Cologne before, but I am glad we ended up here, for a more laid back summer destination I would really recommend it. Then tomorrow morning, I head off on a solo trip to Utrecht, Holland for a couple of nights, I can’t wait to get back to what is fast becoming one of my favourite countries.

Our travel plans for the rest of the year are still very much unwritten, after winning flights to Iceland at the start of the year a trip to Reykjavik will be happening at some point, as well as potential trip to Switzerland, but other than that we will just see what happens and what opportunities hopefully arise.

Work life

Like everything else, my work life is also full steam ahead at the moment too. I recently started a new contract which now sees me working one week in three, which is exactly what I need to be able to build on everything else, as other than my blog, I also run another business, which right now really needs my attention in order to keep it growing. Oh, and in total me fashion I also have a million and other projects I also want to start, including a podcast and a second blog for LDN Food Trucks.  ‘Slow and steady’ was the phrase I gave myself for 2018 and of course I have completely done the opposite, but it is something I am going to work on, I am very much guilty of going at everything at 100 mph and then wondering why I burn out or why nothing gets my 100% attention, but I will get there.

In September I will also be starting another year-long Veterinary certificate, naturally, this will be getting the largest amount of my spare time as well. I had been thinking about doing this for a while now, despite vowing after my last I would not start another one, but a few choice words from a tarot card reader in New Orleans here we are, I am not a massive believer in those sort of arts, but there was something about the timing of her words with my recent feelings that ensured me it was the right thing for me to do.


Lastly, I have created an Instagram hashtag because why not? #Citybreakstories is there to help share city break inspiration and stories, I am loving seeing people use it already and I can’t wait to see how to grows. I share all my favourites on my stories, so please consider using it on your next city break so I can live vicariously through you. Alongside this, there is also a Facebook group where all the enthusiasts can come together to chat all things city breaks.


So, yeah, this is my life right now, it is busy but I am in a good place and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will try my best to keep things as consistent as possible on here, but if I do not, then at least now you know why.


Until next time.


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    last year's girl
    July 19, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    I spent my last night aged 35 dancing to Taylor Swift in Manchester. How incredible was the reputation tour!?!

    Congrats on buying a new flat, and all your other exciting plans and schemes. I can’t wait to read more about them.


    • Reply
      July 22, 2018 at 6:46 pm

      Yes it was SO good, What surprise song did you get? We had Fifteen and it was perfect!

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