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The Benefits of a Booking a Package City Break

photo of a street in alicante, spain

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photo of a street in alicante, spain
As busy people, we take city breaks not only to explore new places but also as a time to relax, but actually getting to the stage of being on the plane can be stressful. Booking just a short break can take a lot of time, not only do you have to consider flights prices and times, you need to think about the hotel, where it is located and its amenities. The procedure of booking a trip can very quickly go from excitement to a massive stress in the space of twenty minutes.

Which is why on my last city trip I went through a package deal, package holidays are not a new concept, however, they are generally reserved for a longer beach holiday, I went to Alicante of a  Jet2 city break last week, and I have to admit I do see the benefits.

Why book a package city break?


By booking a package deal the majority of the work is done for you, once you have decided on where you want to go and your departure airport, the company will then find the best flight for you and shortlist the hotels for your budget. Leaving you with more time for the important things, like deciding where to eat of course.

photo of a bed in a hotel room in alicante booked through a package city break


A reputable company will only choose decent hotels, not only by star rating but by location, something that is crucial on a city break.  You will want a centrally located hotel, close to both transport links and tourist attractions, again, researching this can take a lot of time and effort, or it may be something you do not feel comfortable doing.


Many companies will give you the option to include transfers in your package, something that will not be available if you book individually. Again, this may depend on how comfortable you feel on navigating public transport in a new country and on how far away the airport is located. Sometimes a coach transfer straight to your hotel door can make for a much nicer, quicker experience, generally speaking, it will most likely be cheaper than a taxi too (depending on the size of your group).photo of a jet2 aeroplane

Why book with Jet2 ?

I had a really positive fuss-free experience with Jet2, over past few years they have really claimed their place in the travel industry winning awards such as Best Short Haul Operator and Best Short Haul Airline  – in my opinion, they are a budget airline with the perks of a non-budget. My trip with them was a press trip, however, I always ensure this does not reflect what I write, and I can honestly say I would book with Jet2 again. They provide a simple booking process, a good service and really friendly staff.

Perks include:
Free 22kg hold baggage
Secure your break with a deposit for £60pp
They only use centrally located, popular accommodation
Decent flight times – ensuring you make the most of your day
The option of hotel transfers
Alongside a wide range of European destinations, they also fly to New York during the winter season.
photo of the seats on a jet2 aeroplane

The downside of booking a package city break? 

You may end up paying slightly more for the convenience, but that depends on how much of a deal hunter you are. You need to weigh up what is most important to you, saving some money or saving yourself time and potential stress.  You may be a pro at finding the cheapest flights and a friend may have already recommended an amazing hotel to you, in which case a package may not be best suited for you, but if this isn’t you, I would really suggest considering this option next time you go to book your next weekend break.


  • Milly Youngman
    March 8, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    I tend to usually opt for booking separately, although I always have an eye out for good package deals – there are some great finds to be had, and the convenience is definitely useful!

    • Sam
      March 16, 2018 at 10:45 am

      Yes completely, it is worth looking at both! I have seen some really good last minute package deals lately!


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