A Festive Cheese Feast at Byron Burger

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One of my favourite things about the festive season is I tend to eat out more, yes it may not be good for my waistline or my purse, but I get to catch up with loved ones over a good meal. One of these meals was the Kingston branch of Byron, after discovering their festive menu on Bookatable’s festive deals. This year Byron has gone all out with the Fromagemas Cheesemas Feast, for just £17.50 you can indulge in the Fromagemas burger, a side and a drink of your choice.

The Fromagemas burger is a wonderful combination of Barber’s Cheddar, Red Leicester, Byron Cheese, Grana Padano crisp cheese with a beef patty or Veggie bean patty, and if that was not enough cheese for you, it also is served with a jug of Byron cheese sauce for pouring. Yes, it is every bit as incredible as it sounds. If you are a fan of cheese, you will be a fan of the Fromagemas burger.

Alongside the epic burger, Byron has also created a sample of limited editions sides which are also available as part of the deal. Holy Cheese Balls consist of Mac & cheese bites topped with Buffalo glaze, Byron cheese sauce, spring onions & crispy bacon and Holy Macaroni, Macaroni cheese with roasted green peppers, green chillies. Of course, all the usual sides such as sweet potato fries, onion rings and the like are all available for selection as well. Oh and if you hadn’t had enough cheese by this point you can also through in an Oreo Cheesecake Milkshake as your drink of choice (various beers and soft drinks are also available).

As for the Fromagemas burger itself, it is filling but fabulous. Inevitably the collection of various cheeses does make eating the burger quite messy and you maybe find yourself needing a knife and fork to challenge this one, but the combination works, especially with the added crunch of the Grana Padano crisp cheese.

If you are feeling particularly hungry add in the Holy Cheese Balls as your side, the buffalo glaze perfectly complements the mac & cheese but again they are relatively filling, so along with the burger, you may end up just on the wrong side of comfortably full.

Overall the Festive Cheese Feast at Byron is a pop-up menu that works and will be unsurprisingly popular if you are a fan of cheese you have nothing to lose and you will try new combinations of cheeses that you probably never knew existed. Also, the price of £17.50 is extremely fair especially considering the Cheese Balls are £5.50 alone on their own.

So if you are on a budget and take a fancy to cheese themed fun menu make Byron a strong contender for the annual festive catch-up.

(Menu ends January 1st)

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