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Travelling frequently means always looking for a bargain, for the majority of us anyway, and that often means flying low budget airlines, for me it is a no-brainer, I have now flown the majority of the European low-cost airlines and had varying experiences on all, the most recent being a return flight to Budapest with Wizz Air. Before flying with them, I will be honest, I had not heard too much about Wizz Air, and upon searching Google it would appear not too many other people have either, which is why I decided to review the Hungarian airline.

My Wizz Air Review

Who are Wizz Air?

Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline who first took off in 2004 and at present offer 500 routes from 28 destinations (a lot of which are situated in Eastern Europe) all across Europe. Their aim is to provide low-fare air travel for travellers in Europe and a positive online experience.


We couldn’t manage to check in online, the website simply would not let us, so we had to on arrival at London Luton Airport, there was no queue and was a simple enough procedure. However, we had the same problem for the flight home and had to wait in a rather large queue at Budapest airport, only to be told you have to check in prior when we reached the front. After explaining our issue it was all sorted stress free and quickly, however, we had been warned that sometimes there can be an additional fee of £8 for not checking in online, so this is something to be aware of.

Additional Fees:

Baggage – The airline allows you one free small bag – 40 X 30 X 18 CM or smaller, potentially enough for a night or possibly two but anything larger and you will have to pay an additional fee. It is cheaper if you buy this online rather than at the airport, for cabin baggage, the price can change dependant on your route but is roughly about £14 each way.

Cabin baggage that fits Wizz Air free bag requirements:

Seating – Like most airlines now, if you want to guarantee sitting with your travel buddy than you will need to pay an additional fee.

Priority boarding – Priority boarding and one additional small cabin bag – such as a laptop, camera bag or handbag. Cost roughly £10.

The Flight:

Firstly the planes are bright pink, which I absolutely loved, along with the airline staff who wear fuchsia pink and are extremely pleasant – much more so than a few other airlines that I have travelled with recently.
For a budget small airline there is a generous amount of leg room, and thankfully the seats are fixed which means no one reclines their chair into your lap.  However, I did have one issue with our outbound flight – the other travellers, little did I know that Budapest is fast becoming the UK’s go-to stag do destination, and lucky us had one in the row behind and one in the row in front. Now, I am not a complete bore, but it gets slightly tedious when they are shouting and having ‘banter’ for the whole two-hour flight. Also, massive hats off, to the poor air stewardess who put up with one of the groups awful crude comments, she handled the situation extremely well and with dignity.

Unfortunately, this was the luck we had with our flight and is no reflection of the airline at all, but low budget airlines can often mean sharing a flight with an overexcited group of ‘lads’. In contrast to this, our return flight was much more pleasant and peaceful.
Throughout the flight, the airline also offers all the usual services of light snacks, refreshments and duty-free.


I would fly Wizz Air again, apart from the loud passengers I had no complaints at all and a better experience than I have had with a few higher priced airlines. As with all ‘no-frills’ airlines, Wizz Air is basic but they are comfortable and extremely convenient for a frequent traveller who wants to see Europe for a fair price. For me, Wizz Air does exactly what they set out to, affordable travel with a pleasant service.

We are given complimentary return flights by Wizz Air but as always all opinions are my own. 

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  1. October 23, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I recently flew Wizz Air for the first time from Luton to Ljubljana. It wasn’t a very busy flight and I ended up with a whole row to myself. I love that. Overall I found them more pleasant than Ryanair and I’d definitely fly with them again. If I could, I’d give Luton airport a pass though. :\

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