My Life in August.

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Well I haven’t done one of these in forever, I am terrible at keeping these things up but I am going to try my best to from now on, because sometimes little things happen and appear throughout the month, that is not quite big enough for a blog post but deserve their own little shout about.

Here are the things that have been making me smile this August,

Blogs, Not Brands
My wonderful friend Kara wrote a brilliant blog post about blogs being called brands, and it was a post I could not agree more with. It feels like it is implanted in bloggers that they must always be ‘on brand’ and stay in their niche in order to be successful, well I suppose that depends on what your idea of success is, but basically, it was a brilliant post with Kara challenging that and you should all go read it.

HP Sprocket*
The guys at Hewitt Packard got in touch this month and asked if I would like to try out their new Sprocket device, essentially a hand-held printer that connects to your phone via wi-fi. Therefore I have spent the whole of August printing out photos on the sticker-backed paper then proceeding to stick them everywhere. It is a great little device and an essential gadget for those into scrap booking.

The Blogger Course
Last year, I started The Blogger Course by the absolute powerhouse Monica From The Travel Hack, it contains a whole host of insightful help and guides on establishing your blog as a business. This month, I started the course again and remembered just how helpful this course actually is, I completely recommend this course for anyone who is trying to grow their blog and turn it into a side hustle, or even full time gig.

Travel Planning
With a trip to Budapest in September and a massive trip to India in October, I am in full planning mode, from researching food to sights to getting around. I adore planning trips as it makes me so incredibly excited. I also need to start planning clothes for India, as normally pretty much live with bare legs when away, if anyone has any advice on dressing in India please let me know.

 Etsy Store
After spending a lot of July crafting, I spent some time in July creating an Etsy store, it has not launched yet, but I think it will do pretty soon, expect adorable hair ties in bright colours with travel and beach vibes. They will also be non-crease and non-damaging to your hair.

An Elvis Party
Dj’s family planned a surprise Elvis themed party for his Dad’s birthday this month, outfits were themed, the food was themed, cocktails were themed and of course, the soundtrack to the evening was the hits of Elvis on repeat. In typical English weather fashion, it became an indoor party opposed to the planned garden party, but it was a super fun night and got me in the mood for our trip to Memphis next year.

The Colour of Pixar*
We all know how much of a Disney kid I am (speaking of which my parents are currently in Disney World right now!) so I was incredibly excited to receive the beautiful Colour of Pixar in the post, the book features stills from our the classics laid out in a rainbow of colour. The book just makes me smile.

Recently I am obsessed and Podcasts have become my new go-to driving soundtrack, most recently I have been loving What She Said by Lucy Lucraft as well as Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon, I am also incredibly tempted to re listen to the whole of Serial.

How was your August? Also, how is it September tomorrow?

*Items marked with an asterisk were gifted to me, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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  • Reply
    August 31, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Thanks for the shoutout Sam. And the awesome recommendations – Kara’s post really made me stop and think, great suggestion 🙂

    And, erm….how have you managed to craft, write an amazing blog AND hold down a full time job?!

    L x

    • Reply
      August 31, 2017 at 5:38 pm

      Kara is a babe, her posts are always spot on and no worries, you know I am a massive fan of the podcasts!

      Honestly, I do not know, I don’t sleep too much haha x

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