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Twenty things I want to do before thirty.

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Okay admittedly I should have written this post two months ago, but as always life gets in the way and now I have ten months until I turn thirty and desperately wondering how I will fit everything in.  Don’t get me wrong, it will not be the end of the world if I don’t, I am realistic and to be honest, I am already quite proud of everything I have achieved in the past twenty-nine, but goals and plans are fun so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

How am I feeling about turning thirty? At this point I do not know, I do not feel twenty-nine at all, this beast has crept up out of nowhere, but as I said I have a fair amount to show for my twenty-nine years on the planet, so, for now, I will just embrace it (you can show me this again next May when I am on the verge of a breakdown).

  1. Visit India. Let’s start on a high because this one is happening, in October! ah! India has been on my list since my infatuation with A Little Princess as a child and now aged twenty-nine, it is coming true. I have a whole post coming up of our plans, but it includes the golden triangle as well as the south.
  2. Learn to ski. This one is hilarious, but I am incredibly clumsy and I am also scared of heights, however I have always wanted to learn to ski. Perhaps, I could book myself on to a beginners ski course to get over my fear of the slopes. I have also always wanted to go on a snowy Christmas break in the French Alps so perhaps I could combine it with this.
  3. Grow my business. Over the past few months, I feel I have put every waking moment into my business venture and I am ready to see how far I can take it, I am fully aware I am not about to become the next Richard Branson but being able to live off of the earnings of that alone would be pretty fantastic.
  4. Get out of automatic mode. I have a wonderfully expensive camera, two in fact, and I still use both of them in automatic mode. I have been taught on various occasions all about how to use manual but it does not stick, and I creep back into automatic in fear of ruining my photos. I am determined to by next June to be using my cameras in manual, if anyone wants to volunteer to be my tutor then please step forward.
  5. Buy a house. I had to put at least one unrealistic one in here right? Hey, dream big and all that. In all seriousness, we are going to try, extremely hard, but the realism is that in greater London it will be more of a teeny tiny box than a house, but it will be ours and it will be home.
  6. Get a dog. This one completely depends on the last one, I am not going to get a dog if I have a tiny space with no garden. However, our own house would mean our own dog! DJ wants a Weimaraner and I want a Dalmatian, either way, she will be called Lux and be fabulous and undoubtedly have her own Instagram account. From then on I will rescue adorable old staffies from rescue centres.
  7. Read more. Over the past year, I have completely stopped reading, it makes me sad and it is something I need to get back into. I am a massive YA fan and feel I am have missed out on so many good reads over the past year, my aim is to be reading at least one book a month. Send your suggestions, please.
  8. Visit Norway. I am not sure why I decided on Norway as I was writing this list. Hopefully, I can combine the visit with seeing the Northern lights.
  9.  Maintain the blog. Admittedly with all my efforts going elsewhere over the past few months, this blog has been put on the back burner, which is a shame because I love this blog, I love being creative and writing about my travels and general life. I want to find time for here again.
  10. Learn to cook. With DJ being a chef, I massively rely on him for cooking, because his meals are bloody fantastic, but I need to learn and I want to have at least one signature dish, preferably a bad ass curry.
  11. Volunteer in Eastern Europe. At the start of the year I volunteered in Sarajevo for the Dog’s Trust, I went over to work on a street dog project as an anaesthesia mentor, essentially to help improve the standards of anaesthesia monitoring and everything else in the perioperative stage. It was such a brilliant experience and I now have my eye on a similar trip to Bulgaria in the upcoming month.
  12. Stay in a treehouse. Maybe in Norway?
  13. Run a half marathon. Originally this was a marathon but I wanted to make it more achievable. I want to do the Hampton Court Half and run for either Mission Rabies or Saving the Survivors.
  14. Take time away from my phone. My phone is essentially an extension of my arm now. I need to break the habit.
  15. Spend more time with my friend’s children. Two of my best friends Lucy and Jenny both have wonderful little toddlers, I need to take more time getting to know them and spending time with them. Essentially so I can be known as the one who buys them all of the amazing animal and Disney related gifts.
  16. Draw. Much like reading, I used to draw all the time, I want to learn to draw again, hopefully during that time where I remember to put down my phone.
  17. Climb Snowdonia. Dj and I have been talking about this one for a while now, hopefully, over the next 10 months, we will get around to it.
  18. Yoga. This one is a must, I have terrible hips as well as an odd shoulder, my job also involves a lot of heavy lifting, awkward holding and standing up all day. My spine is not thanking me for it. In order to maintain some form of flexibility, Yoga needs to become part of my regular life. I would also absolutely love to do a yoga retreat.
  19. Spend one month Vegan.  I have been vegetarian for roughly eight years. I want to try one month vegan, I think January will be a good month to try that.
  20. Cruelty-free. All of my make up is now cruelty-free, but I want to extend that to all of the products I use, on myself and household. I am pretty ashamed it has taken me this long to sort that, to be honest.

It is going to be a busy ten months, but as of right now, I think it might just be achievable? Let me know what you think and if there is anything you think I should add to the list.

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