Memories of Orlando: Endless Appetizers at TGIs

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Ever since I was a small child and fortunate enough to visit Orlando, Florida on multiple visits, I remember TGI’s being part of our visits, I have no idea why as there are many branches back home, but my childhood memories of Orlando include Disney World, being petrified at the Jaw’s ride and Mozzarella Sticks at the TGIs just off of International Drive. Even of my past two trips with DJ we have returned to the very same branch just off International Drive, I suppose you could say it has become a bit of tradition now. Our last visit in March brings back particularly fond memories of being Orlando for Wrestlemania with our friend Aaron who flew in to meet us for the event, we each ordered endless appetisers and saw it was a personal challenge to see how much we could eat, then feeling like we got one over on the restaurant when we saw how low our bill was in comparison to the amount of food we ate (we didn’t, the bill was correct, it was just a really amazing deal).

So when I saw that the Endless Appetizer deal had come to the UK, I quickly booked a table and informed DJ we were going, using the excuse of celebrating my business launch as an excuse to eat out yet again. Never the one to turn down a challenge I ate minimal throughout the day in order to sample the wide variety of appetizers available on the deal. At present, the deal includes as many different appetizers as you can eat for just £12.99, the only stipulations are one deal per person and you finish one before ordering you next, to prevent waste, which I think is fair enough.

Ever the creature of habit I opted for faith Mozzarella Dippers because let’s face it nowhere does Mozzarella sticks quite like TGIs. DJ was more adventurous opting for the new Chick-Cone – Sweet waffle cones filled with fresh pico de gallo, spicy guacamole, Monterey Jack cheese, Cajun chicken and topped with chillies. Following this, I went for a mammoth sized portion of Double Layered Cheese Nachos while DJ tucked in BBQ Pulled Pork Potato Skins. Being a Sunday evening, the restaurant was particularly quiet, our dishes were served promptly and it was a great laid back atmosphere, something I feel is sometimes lost on busier evenings in TGIs.

While we ate we reminded each other of silly and hilarious things that happened during our last trip to Orlando, stupid quotes and memories that would mean nothing to anyone else but could cause belly laughs for the three of us involved. Memories of spending ten days like complete children excitedly running between rides or eating so much junk food that we found it difficult to move afterwards.  Not having enough carbs already, DJ decided the Garlic Ciabatta bread would be his next option while I went for Cajun Onion Rings, which were incredible, with just the right amount of spice and flavour in the crispy batter.
By the end of this dish, we already had started to realise that we were not going to break any records, but ever the optimists we went for one more each, Loaded Fries for me and Cola Chicken wings for him. I fully recommend the Cola Chicken wings for anyone with a sweet tooth like myself, the sauce is unusual but works so well. Feeling comfortably full we decided to end of four dishes each, much to our waiter’s disappointment. We left with our clothes feeling slightly tighter but with happy hearts from reminiscing about holiday memories (and of course, my endless thoughts of when we can book a trip back).

Endless Appetizers run currently runs at various TGI branches throughout the UK from 7 pm Sunday – Thursday, at a price of £12.99 per person – with the average appetizer costing £5.99, you can start to understand how much of a great deal this is.
Bookings can easily be made through the Bookatable website or App. 

This post was sponsored by Bookatable, but as always all opinions are my own. 


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