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I thought it was about time for a catch-up, I always seem to refrain from doing these as I feel they are not on ‘niche’ and potentially not of any interest but I do feel this blog sometimes lacks a personal feeling. Plus sometimes I just want to write, not about travel, or the best restaurants to hit up in the city, just write about whatever is in my head, and this is my space so why not do it here? It won’t be too often guys, but you expect a few more casual posts then you have previously seen before.

I have been home from South Africa for two weeks now, as always it feels like more, I was out there with Worldwide Experience  having a wonderful time with the incredible wildlife, attending numerous lectures and meeting a tonne of new people from various parts of the world.  It was unbelievable. I MONITORED AN ANAESTHESIA ON A WHITE RHINO, ultimate bucket list goals for me right there.
Unfortunately, while I was out there, DJ’s family cat Sophie sadly passed at the grand old age of 19. I doubt I will ever meet a cat as wonderful as her again and I found it incredibly difficult not being there to say goodbye or to be there for DJ in person. Although I may not have known her for her whole 19 years, the past seven years was an honour and I will forever miss her weird little quirks.
During the eventful trip to S.A, I also turned 29, I am still falling to embrace the last year of my twenties and to be honest it is much more denial, but I am sure I will get there. I spent the morning of my 29th on a boat watching wild dolphins and spotting wild penguin followed by playing beer pong with the rhino anti-poaching unit in the evening. A story I am sure I will tell for years. Kara’s latest post reminded me that I need to get on my 30 before 30 list, so you can expect that as soon as I work out exactly what that is.

As of right now, life is crazy, I am currently trying to launch a business venture completely unrelated to my blog, it is scary but I am excited about it, and so far the response has been positive. A few more hours in the day would be fantastic though, my current routine involves being up at 6 am to crack on with business things, followed by a full day of nursing, then followed by an hour or two of blog / emails in the evening. It is not too fun, to be honest, but hard work pays off.

Oh and tomorrow I am back on a flight again! The team at Visit Holland are sending Dj and myself out to discover the best of Rotterdam for the weekend, bike tours, boat trips and all sorts are included so I am excited to pack in as much as possible over the few days! Expect lots of updates on social channels across the weekend.


Sam x


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