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Science Bitches! – ABQ London


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ABQ LondonThere are not many places in London or the world for that matter, you can go, be called a bitch repeatedly but leave wanting to return, it is just not the done thing really is it? But then generally you probably wouldn’t walk into a trailer on the side of a street and think it is a good place to have a drink.  Yet ABQ Bar, in Bethnal Green, has been selling out daily since its opening last summer, based on the hit series Breaking Bad, it has fast become one of London’s best pop-ups.

I for one bloody love it, despite not actually seeing very much of the TV series.
abqlondonLocated a roughly 15-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street Station, despite being set inside an all American RV, it is not the easiest place to find, I very much advise good old Google maps. Due to the limited space, you do need to pre-book an allocated time, which is generally two-hour blocks, you then pay £30 a person which will get you the chance to cook two cocktails (more on that next) plus a welcome drink each.

Essentially three cocktails for £30 in central London! If you know this area of London you will know this a pretty good deal.
abq londonSo after putting on our hazmat suits and getting accustomed to the gangster rap music that pumped through the RV, we got down to ‘cooking’ our cocktails. This is where the science comes into play and makes ABQ even more unique, allowing their guests (or Bros) to mix their own cocktails with the use of Nitrogen and Hydrosol air –  It is so freaking cool and starts many consecutive chants of ‘science bitches!’ although my personal favourite was ‘bubbles bitches!

I would highly recommend  the Walter JR. Breakfast which comes complete with a bowl of vodka infused Rice Crispies and the Gale.  After your included cocktails you can obviously also purchase further drinks and shots during your allocated time as well, although the time does go quickly.
It is the staff that completely make ABQ bar though, they did not drop character once during our two-hour session and genuinely looked as though they were having just as much fun as everyone else in there. Having not seen much of the Breaking Bad series I was apprehensive as to whether I would like or ‘get’ ABQ, but I totally did and if anything it has now made me want to binge watch every series.

I go on a lot about the immense pop-ups we have in London, but this truly one of my favourites.

Book your session in the crystal ship: ABQ London 



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