Backpack Review: Trespass Inverary 45L Rusksack


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When it comes to the backpacks vs suitcases argument I very much sit on the fence, it completely depends on where I am going and if I am moving around or staying in one place. When it is a multi-stop with ferries and multiple transfers I am backpack girl all the way, it is just so much more convenient, I do not have to worry about it being bashed around and it makes me pack lighter – always a good thing in my case.   So when Trespass reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out their 45L  Inverary rucksack I thought why not.


  • 45L Rucksack
  • Zipped compartments
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Contrast woven loops
  • Contrast elastic binding
  • Enclosed rucksack cover
  • 60 x 36 x 26
    My first thought was that it was not a colour I would choose, but actually, I really like the bright yellow, my current backpack is just a standard dark blue and never stands out on a luggage carousel but I have no doubt I will spot this straight away. The other thing I noticed was the number of additional straps it has, perfect for attaching a sleeping bag, travel pillow or a pair of shoes.

backpack review trespass

It is a top loading backpack, which since the discovery of packing cubes (seriously they are life savers), I have been converted to and it features multiple pockets. Pockets, in my opinion, are lifesavers when it comes to backpacks, they are perfect for quick access to essential items, such as sleeping mask or ear plugs in the external pockets, and get for hiding valuables in the internal pockets. The Inverary 45L has a well-concealed large pocket along the back of the interior – great for placing your passport, plane tickets, etc when carrying the backpack on you. Oh, and it also comes with a brightly coloured rain cover, to ensure everything stays dry if caught in a tropical storm.


However, my favourite part of the rucksack is probably the back padding and the waist strap. Yes, I am aware I probably sound incredibly sensible, but you need to look after your backs guys, no matter your age and trust me a backpack full of travelling belongings will quickly take its toll. A good, strong backpack with plenty of spinal support will look after your back and that is exactly what the Trespass 45L Inverary provides.

With regards to the type of trip you would take this on, well that completely depends on the type of traveller you are. I am notorious for not packing light and also for buying when I travel, so for me, this would not be appropriate for a few months of backpacking South East Asia but for DJ who packs a lot lighter than me, it would probably just about do for him.
I plan to use this backpack for festivals as it will hold enough for what I would normally take with me, plus I can strap my sleeping bag and wellies to the outside without needing to carry additional bags. I can also use the rain cover for the inevitable British festival downpour.

Overall, no matter what trip you are taking, you need a strong sturdy backpack that will last, it is not something to skimp on, stick with a well-known trust brand like Trespass. The Inverary 45L is currently priced at £79.99 (with free P&P on orders over £50), which ultimately I feel is a fair price if you are a frequent traveller and know you will get a trusted, continued use out of it. Now I just need to customise it will some of the patches I have collected on my travels!

For more advice on choosing a travel rucksack, read Trespass’s article here. 



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