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Introducing London Food Trucks [ @LDNFoodtrucks ]

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So you know that I love food, you also probably know that I particularly love street food, but what you may not know is that I have started a little side project – London Food Trucks. This side project is a joint effort from me and DJ, that was created in an airport lounge in Kuala Lumpur and quite simply it is us giving a shout out to our favourite food trucks in London.

Over the past few years, we have seen street food markets pop up all over London, all of which are full with independent food stalls creating their signature dishes for hungry Londoners. Some of the best food we have had in the city have been at some of these stalls, and I honestly believe part of the reason it is so good, is due to the passion that got them there in the first place. A passion for food and a passion for their business to thrive and make its mark in an industry saturated with chain restaurants. When visiting the various of street food markets across the city, I have felt the sense of the community, rather than competition and the great social aspect they bring, especially in the spring and summer months in London. With London Food Trucks we want to further this community and help highlight the awesome talent in our city.

At the moment London Food Trucks is happening on Instagram and 800 people have already joined us! Each photo showcases a different truck in the city, it also tells you what market they are currently residing on so that you can visit and it links you back to their account so you can see more of their flavoursome creations.

Eventually, I would love to make it into an additional blog, right now I do not have the time for that, but hopefully one day (in the meantime I will being creating a guide to our favourite street food markets in London on here). Until then I would love for you join our community on Instagram and get involved with the hashtag #LDNfoodtrucks to feature your favourite food trucks in London.

 If you think the street food scene is not quite your thing, why not check @ldnfoodtrucks anyway, I reckon you will be surprised by the number of cuisines that are available freshly made to order.

Let me know you favourite food trucks you can come across when you have been in London in the comments below!

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