A letter to myself: Trust me, you are doing okay.

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I recently read a post by Danielle of While I’m Young, that made me smile a lot, in the post she talks about getting older and how is she okay with this, a mindset I am trying to embrace as I turn 29 this year, something I am not yet okay with because where did the past nine years go? But when I do think about it, the past nine years were there and I saw and did more in them than the twenty years prior to that. ‘Comparison is the biggest thief of joy’ is a quote that very much rings true to me, something that puts on tunnel vision and blocks out my own achievements but if I take it away, in fact, I am doing okay.

In hindsight quitting university and leaving yourself with meaningless student debt was probably not the best move, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and you knew even back then that an office job was not for you.

You eventually found your professional calling and no one can say you didn’t work hard to get it, you then worked even harder to become qualified and then further qualified after that. You are damn good at your job and nursing animals is what you are meant to do. You even own your own business now, which is pretty awesome (maybe stop taking so much advantage of the unlimited leave, though).

You have seen so much of the world. You have climbed a mountain in Indonesia to watch the sunrise, you have danced on a bar in Vegas, been on safari in South Africa, seen New York from the Top of the Rock, spent three days living on a boat in a jungle in Borneo and spent two days living on a boat surrounded by one the seven wonders of the new world. You made these things happen on your own and shared the moments with people who mean everything to you.

You never gave up on scuba diving, no matter how much it scares you, I am really proud of for that one.
blue marlin diveYou may have lost friends, but the ones that are still here are incredible, they are here to stay.

Your family are bloody ace too, they share and gave you your urge to travel. Thank them for that.

You got yourself a keeper. Make sure he knows how wonderful he is, he believes in you when you don’t.

Do not stop volunteering, you enjoy it and it is a great thing to do.

You are bloody headstrong, keep that up but learn to use it correctly. It in the right situations it is a great quality, do not lose it, it has got you to where you are now, who knows where it will take you in five years time.

You MET David Attenborough, your hero, but if it ever happens again, make sure you think a few more things to say.
This blog that was started out of boredom, look at it now, some people may laugh but next month it is taking you on your first press trip, it has given you so many opportunities. Oh, and the people who laugh, they are not your friends.

You get sad sometimes, but generally, you are being melodramatic, it is okay to be sad just snap out of it quickly.

You may not have the mortgage yet, with a perfect house and a dog, but it will happen, and if doesn’t, take those six months travelling that you both always talk about – in fact, do that anyway, it is not too late.

But one thing, you should probably stretch more, maybe even start practicing yoga, your already creaky hips will thank you for it.

But overall, trust me, you are doing okay, in fact, you are doing great.

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  • Reply
    Lucy Sheref
    February 20, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    I love this!!! You have achieved SO much, and good for you for celebrating it. We don’t do that enough in our day to day and it’s far easier to get complacent and accept the voices in my head telling us we aren’t good enough.

    So yay you! L xx

  • Reply
    last year's girl
    February 22, 2017 at 9:39 am

    I love this so much. It’s only been over the past couple of years that I’ve reconciled getting older with what that really means: a life well lived, and so many wonderful experiences under my belt. Here’s to loads more adventures in your future.

    • Reply
      February 22, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Indeed I completely agree, I think 2017 I will try my best to embrace getting older!

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