The Monday club No 1.

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I am not totally sure on the name of this series, it reminds me of the old Wetherspoons days when you used to get cheap pints on a Monday, but we will see. I want to use this series as a way of  weekly catch up and to tell you things that might not quite warrant a full post, but this is me and I can be notoriously bad at finding a routine to post at the same time every week, but we will see, I can but try.


V Festival
The weekend just gone we headed down to V festival in Chelmsford and to be completely honest it was not as great as previous years. Thirty-minute queues for the bars, a complete lack of toilets and in general far too overcrowded, Beiber and Sia were a  complete let down as well. We still had a really fun day but sadly I think it has put me off attending V again.


Accidental pink hair
My hair went an accidental shade of bright pink after a failed dye attempt this week, but it has turned out to be a happy accident because I am embracing pink especially with collection purple lipstick from the Little Mix range. I am not sure how long it will last far, as I actually want my hair to back to my natural shade, so that I can leave it and let it grow, however, I am slightly scared that after ten years of constant dying my hair is going to rebel with a more silver shade than the brown I remember from my teen years.

The past week has been a particularly stressful one, one where I worry and get upset over the smallest of things. I feel it is mostly to do with taking a lot of July off and then going back in to work in August at a million miles an hour ( Which also explains why things have been a bit neglected on here) but I have to be honest and say it has left me slightly over whelmed and I have realised I do need to remember to leave time to rest. Having said that I have just checked my diary and noticed that in September I have a total of two days off work. Just two. Not good.  However this week I have a lot more sensible mindset than last week, everything is a little bit clearer and I know what to do to help ease my mind – no alcohol,  no caffeine and running, it may sound incredibly boring to some but it works for me, and I would much rather be happy, relaxed Sam then Sam who thinks the world is going to end if she says no to someone.
thumbnail_IMG_8859Cheesy Chips
One great thing about V festival? The selection of food stalls, there was so much good street food to choose from this year. In the end, we went for cheesy chips, but not just any cheesy chips, chips covered in a cheese sauce with parsley, my boyfriend also had red onions and pulled beef. They were incredible and the only way I can describe them is crispy fries mixed with lasagne sauce, I have no regrets to paying £6.50 for them.

Vets go wild
I am going back to South Africa, Port Elizabeth to be precise, this time, I am going with my very good friend who is also a Veterinary Nurse and we will be travelling around a few national parks with Dr. William Fowlds. The course is called Vets go wild, if anyone ever saw the TV series ‘Vets on Safari’ or ‘Operation Wild’, that is what we will be doing. We will potentially get to work with injured Lion, Rhino, Elephant, etc in the reserves as well as partake in helicopter exercises and various lectures on wild animal biology and medicine. I am so fricking excited and it is part of the reason I am working my butt off for the next however many months, but next summer I will be back in the beautiful lands of Africa.

That is about it for this week, tomorrow I have a whole day to myself, which I will be spending in London visiting the House of Minalima and hopefully finding some interesting places for future content on here. If you haven’t seen my post on my slight change in direction for Yoko Meshi, then you can read that here, I am looking forward to it, so hopefully you guys will as well.  With that, I am now running extremely late for work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful work free bank holiday weekend!

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