Porky’s BBQ @ Bankside London

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Porky's BBQ

If there is one thing I miss as a vegetarian, it is  good American food, you know the typical indulgent burger and fries meal. So when Porky’s BBQ invited my down to visit their Bankside London restaurant I was skeptical, the name couldn’t sound more carnivorous if it tried, but after checking out their website I thought I would go along to see what they have to offer.

Located in London’s Bankside (by Shakespeare’s globe), Porky’s BBQ is located just off the main river walk and therefore a bit easy to miss if you were not intentionally looking for it. The restaurant is dressed in a typical American grill house fashion and gave me sweet memories of Orlando, Florida, we visited on a Saturday afternoon when the restaurant was moderately busy but were quickly greeted and shown to our seats.

Not feeling in the mood for alcohol, I chose a thick indulgent vanilla milkshake. I love ‘proper’ milkshake and this one did not disappoint, however, if you are in the mood for a stronger drink, Porky’s have an extensive refreshing cocktail menu and my partner went for a cold pint to accompany his meal.

porkys bbq

Porky’s BBQ menu is exactly as you would expect, good American food.  Alongside a variety of burgers they also serve ribs, half chickens, hot dogs and of course the food of the moment – pulled pork. Aside from your, every day sides the restaurant also offers chilli jalapeno cornbread, green chilli slaw and bbq beans for all us spice lovers out there. So how do Porky’s cater to vegetarians? There is a total of three main options; Mac’n’cheese  – always a winner, house salad or a Memphis bean burger, of course alongside this there are many meat-free side options which you could put together to make the main course. In the end, I went for a full flavoured Memphis bean burger with crispy sweet potato fries. My boyfriend, as usual, went for as much meat as he could get with the Porky’s burger – beef pattie topped with streaky bacon and jack cheese, which I was assured was succulent and tender. We also shared some damn good onion rings between the two of us as well. Porky’s BBQ offers a greasy (in a good way) meal perfect for a day where you really do not want to be healthy and is along the lines of a fancier alternative to the Five Guys chain.
porky bbq

As I previously mentioned with the extensive cocktail list, Porky’s also has a well-stocked bar and bar area complete with beer pong tables, that can be booked for tournaments, I was not aware of how many rules there in beer pong?! One negative I would say about the particular restaurant we visited was the lack of atomosphere and background music, I feel some American rock and roll would perfectly compliment  the music memorabilia displayed over the walls.  I feel at £40 for a meal for two with alcohol is a far price for central London and would recommend checking it out, as long as you are not on a diet!

Porky’s BBQ 
18 New Globe Walk,
0208 127 5120porky bbq

Blogger transparency: I was invited to Porky’s as a guest and received a complimentary meal, however as always all opinions are my own and a review was not mandatory 





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