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The reason I travel

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I feel like by writing this on my blog I am preaching to the converted, as I assume most of my readers travel or have the urge to travel frequently but it is something I wanted to write and as Yoko Meshi is my little corner of the internet I thought I would.

Ever since a young age I have been extremely privileged that holidays and exploring new places have always been something very normal to me, from exciting adventures in Florida to exploring the new forest of Dorset and learning to swim on an island in Greece.  Family vacations to new places were just something we did and at the time little did I know my inexplicable desire to explore the world was being created.   There is a saying that ‘some people are born with inherently nomadic spirits‘, I do not know if I believe this or believe that it is instilled in you from the people who raise you. I often wonder if I didn’t travel as a child would travel still be a priority in my adult life?

Following on from this, my childhood holidays were very western it was not until I met my partner and his sister told us tales of the east that my infatuation with Asia started.Would my travels have stayed purely in the West if she had not become a part of my life?

All I do know is that I am proud of my innate curiosity about the world; so many incredible things have happened because of it. The most recent being that I have just started my own business and I am fully self employed, I am not embarrassed to say that a big driving factor behind this was that I can now take as much leave as I desire and find financially possible. Perhaps without my constant wanderlust feelings I would not have been brave enough to take the jump and just settled being in a job I was unhappy in.

My need to explore pushed me to become an open water scuba diver despite the fact it terrifies me every time, it has also had me gliding across a Thai jungle on a zip line even though I hate heights. It has made me release I am capable of so much more than my brain initially tells me I am. It makes you brave, not always in a good way, because sometimes fear is correct and riding on drunk on the back of a moped with Vietnamese people is not a good idea, but we will just blame that one on alcohol.

In the past five years alone I have stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon amazed by its beauty, danced on the bar of Coyote Ugly in Las Vegas, slept under the stars in Halong Bay, bathed rescued elephants in the rivers of Thailand, took in the view of Paris from the top of the Effiel Tower,  ate the most incredible Italian food in Rome, nursed baboons back into wilds of South Africa, heard the roars of wild Lion while walking through the Africa bush, ate space cakes in a cute cafe in Amsterdam, seen New York in the snow and so much more.

At the end of this year I will be seeing wild Orangutans in the forests of Borneo and next year I will be joining Mission Rabies in Uganda to help eradicate rabies. I do know how incredibly lucky I am to have been able to experience these things (and yes I have funded every single trip with my own earned money) but I do honestly believe I would not be the same person I am if I had not had my eyes opened to new cultures and ways of living.
Travel has taught me there is still so much good in the world, despite so many recent awful world events, there is kind hearted people doing amazing things all the planet, they are just not highlighted on news show or in the newspapers. These wonderful people are everywhere and will show themselves in times of need if you show trust.

In the past five years I have become more open minded and accepting of new experiences than I had in my twenty-two years previous, it is exciting to think what I will be like another ten years down the line with even more of the world seen. I hope someone will see me as one of the kind-hearted people.

Wherever my hunger for travel and adventure stemmed from, whether I was born with a wandering spirit or it was something I learnt, I am so  glad it has grown to become a part of me.

“If more people traveled, they would begin to see the entire planet as their home. In turn, the world would be a far better place”




  • Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures
    July 22, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    I often wonder about this too – when I was younger, we always used to go hiking with my family and, although there were a couple of years in my teens when I didn’t appreciate it enough, it has become a massively important part of my life.

    I don’t necessarily think this is something we’re born with, it’s more likely to be instilled in you from the people who raise you. My dad loves cycling and hiking, and is always wandering somewhere, so – for me – it’s definitely a possibility!

    And you’re so brave for taking that step and setting up your own business – I’d love to do that one day!

  • Nicola
    July 30, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    I also wonder if my desire to travel came from travelling at a young age. I was lucky enough to go on a mix of foreign and UK based holidays growing up, which made me interested in both exploring the world and my own country further. I love seeing new places and experiencing new things, and am so grateful when I get the opportunity to do so.

    I also found it interesting that you said you have pushed yourself to do things, even if you are way out of your comfort zone. Good for you! I hope your desire to explore continues and leads you to all sorts of exciting adventures.


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