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So despite it not quite feeling like summer yet in England, festival season is already upon us. Festivals are a great way to escape the city and spend a few days surrounded by good music, great friends and a lot of alcohol, it may not feel like it when you are exhausted and grotty on day three, but some of the best memories will be made at festivals. Having been to quite a few festivals over the years and as I am going to V festival this year, I thought I would share you with you some tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way.

  • Take a pillow and a ground mat; you may see it as extra things to carry but trust me your back and neck will thank you for it by day two. The ground is often hard and uneven, just bringing a sleeping bag will give you a very uncomfortable night loosing out on valuable sleep.
  • Following on from the last point, even if you the weather is forecasted for high temperatures, bring extra layers for the evening and night-time, it can get super chilly.
  • Come prepared: Most festivals will allow you to bring a certain amount of alcohol in with you (never glass bottles), so save money and shop before hand. For breakfast bring cereal bars and bring savoury items along for snacks,  you will be surprised at how much money it will save you. The average festival meal is between £7-£10.
  • Hangovers happen to the best of us at festivals but do not let it spoil your weekend. Make sure you bring a massive bottle of water to stay hydrated, I have also found that making up Dioralyte ( it restores your electrolytes) can help ease a hangover. Top tip: Take a milk thistle capsule before you start drinking, it helps to detoxify your liver and prevent a hangover.
  • Dry shampoo is your friend as are baby wipes.
  • Cash machines inside the festival always have ridiculous charges; always try to use the ones in the local town or take money out before you reach the festival. If you bring all your money with you, keep it on you and never leave valuables in your tent. Generally everyone at a festival is lovely but there is always one idiot.
  • Bring a camera to capture your memories. If you do not want to bring your expensive camera then disposable cameras are just as good, I love taking my Instax mini for cute Polaroid photos.
  • The toilets are gross, all the time. If like me the idea of festival toilets make you want to continuously vomit, then use Olbas oil or Tiger Balm to help block the smell slightly. Bring toilet roll and don’t look down.
  • Following on from that, camping near the toilets is not a good idea.
  • Portable chargers are your best friend; everyone has them these days and festival are the essential place to use them, because believe me someone will always get lost. If you do not have one  I would really recommend investing in one before you go, I use an EasyAcc Power Bank which lasts for roughly 3 charges of an iPhone.
  • Wander! Listen to new bands, check out all the stalls and talk to random people. No one cares if you are looking a bit bedraggled  by day three, most people are and if they aren’t they obviously have not been doing it right.


It is often hard to know what to take with you to festivals, so the lovely guys over at Life Venture sent me a festival survival kit with some vital things they think you may need.

life venture festival Dry wash: Essential for your hands, you will not even realise how dirty they get!
Travel ear plugs: Great idea, as you always get one group that stays up later than everyone else and chances are they are the noisiest!
Travel pillow: For those people who really do not want to carry a pillow, an inflatable travel pillow is a great alternative.

life venture festival

Trek towelI actually owned one of these anyway for city breaks with just hand luggage. They are brilliant and dry so quickly! 100% recommend.
Pocket first aid kit:  I have never really thought about bringing a first aid kit  before but I will in future. Contains: Plasters, scissors, antiseptic wipes, bandage and more, maybe it is just the nurse in me but I love this.
Duct tape: An obvious essential to help with any tent mishaps and damage.
life venture festival Glow sticks: Not for dancing with! These are brilliant for hanging up in your tent to have a constant bit of light to see but not too much that it keeps you awake at night!
Digital Hard Case: To keep your camera safe and hidden away in your bag.

Life venture also sells sleeping bags as well other items you may need and they also have free shipping on all items! Most of these items are also great for your travels as well, so you will get more than one use out of them.

What festivals are you heading to this summer? Do you have any top tips?

Blogger transparency: I was sent the life venture festival survival kit for free, however I decided to only post about the items I believed were useful and of high quality. 

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