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Over the bank holiday weekend, I took for my first trip to Denmark, to the city of Copenhagen, I say first as I am sure I will return again to explore more of this glorious country. It has been said that the people of Denmark are the happiest in the world and from those that I saw I believe this may be true, they are said to be so content due to their work-life balance together with the high safety and welfare standards that are reached but personally I think the amazing food on offer is contributing to this as well!

I ate like a queen over the four days I spent there and while it was quite a costly my stomach was extremely grateful for it – my waistline not so much. When researching where to eat in Copenhagen we were spoilt for choice. The city is filled with fantastic eateries, but these were my favourite places to eat in Copenhagen.

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Where to eat in Copenhagen, Denmark

Blue Taco – located at Blagårdsgade

We actually headed to Blagårdsgade with the intention of eating at the Indian restaurant located opposite, but due to it being closed we chose Blue Taco instead! They serve a range of delectable gluten-free Mexican tacos with a twist including Corona chicken and Coca-cola beef. Grab a beer, sit outside on the brightly colour benches and soak in all the Latin American influences. Tacos at the blue taco in copenhagen
Danish pastries

Life does not get much better than having coffee shops and 7/11s  with sweet treats on pretty much every corner. I have never been a big pastry fan but in Copenhagen, I could not get enough! You may think a pastry is a pastry, but no, England needs to up their game.

danish pastries

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In Nørrebro there is a lovely indoor food market, as you enter through the main entrance on the left-hand side is a cake stall, they sell adorable doughnut trios with white, milk and dark chocolate fillings and they are incredible.

copenhagen doughnuts Cock and Cows 

I am the kind of person that researches top places to eat before visiting a new destination, as I do not want to miss out on the best, Cock and Cows came up multiple times,  so I knew it would be one of the places we had dinner.  There are few littered over the city and we visited the Østerbro venue, below you can see my boyfriend’s monstrous burger aptly named ‘The Governator’ which I was quickly informed was amazing.

Top tip: If you are vegetarian ask for ‘Ze Brazil’ but with a veggie patty An amazing burger at Cock and Cow in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Paper Island Street food market
If there is one thing you take from this post, it is to visit here, do not skip this one. Catch the 993 ferry bus from Nyhavn across the river to Paper Island and visit this wonderful place. With offerings of dishes from all over the globe, every one will find something they like here, from falafel pittas (pictured below), curries, pad Thai, and even oysters. Then enjoy your food with a drink (beer and cocktail stalls) amongst the laid-back festival atmosphere on the decking outside. We visited here twice during our trip and I could have happily eaten a different meal here every day.
paper island falafel More pastries… 
danish pastry
The best chocolate brownie you will ever eat.
Another purchase from the Paper island street food market and potentially the best twenty Krone. I cannot describe how heavenly delicious it was, but I am a strange person that thinks about great food for a long time after I have eaten it and I still think about this brownie every so often.
paper island brownie
Everyone in Copenhagen seems to drink beer; beer with meals, beer in the park, beer by the canal, and you can even visit the Carlsberg factory (which in my opinion is not really worth the visit). I am not a beer drinker, but in Copenhagen I did as the Danish do and drank cold expensive beer, just do not pick Carlsberg Elephant, just because it has a picture of an Elephant on it – it is really strong.

Top Tip: On a sunny day, grab some beers and food to have in the grounds of the Botanical garden, there is a small dock you can sit on by the pond which is beautiful. 
copenhagen beer
So that was my favourite food I ate in Copenhagen,  we also had a lovely meal at the Hard Rock Cafe and another great one at the Grillin Noerrebro burger bar which do a lunchtime deal for 69 Krone.  Copenhagen has a plethora of independent restaurants and street food stalls; eat in them and support them, they are usually the hidden gems.


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    Roman Asadovsky
    April 21, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    The best place to eat in Copenhagen – is restaurant called Geist. They have funky but very well balanced (from taste point) creations. I wouldn’t call their dishes any other word. They ARE a creations!

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