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It is March, which means that Spring is nearly here and therefore means I am automatically so much happier. Like the majority of people I hate winter, it is amazing what a little bit of blue sky and sunshine can do for my mood plus Spring is just great because ALL OF THE BABY ANIMALS.  However with all this in mind, it will probably rain tomorrow and I will be grumpy again, so inspired by the lovely TinkJanye and Little Miss Katy  I’ve decided to compile a list of all the little things that have made me happy in the past week in order to stay more positive. Hopefully it will also mean you can get to know me a little bit better as well.

ingams winter closing party Ingham’s Winter Closing Party
Last friday I was invited to the Ingham’s winter closing party  at the Montague on the Gardens Hotel and it was so much fun, complete with  80s ski suits, fake snow and winter Pimms. I attended not knowing anyone but met some really lovely fellow bloggers, and I even won a free stay in the Bloc Hotel in Gatwick which I will be making the most of before my flight to Copenhagen in April. Skiing is something that I have never tried before but would love to, and after attending this event I think I may have to, Ingham’s look like the perfect company to do this with as well – You can find more information about Ingham’s here.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar Speech
Yes Leo finally won his long over due Oscar, but what made me incredibly happy about this was that he chose the biggest moment of his career so far to talk about climate change. Leo has always been an advocate for environmental changes but the fact he choose that moment to speak up raised him to a whole new level for me and it makes me smile every time I watch it. I admire ‘celebrities’ and influencers who use their platform to speak out about what they believe in.



Yesterday the Cooperative held a twitter tea party chat at 11.00am in order to share ideas for Mother’s day and just generally eat cake, unfortunately I was at work and couldn’t get involved. However I came home to find my very own tea party in a box had been delivered to me,  a complete surprise that made me smile all evening especially when drinking pink lemonade out of a china tea-cup and saucer. The cooperative also included fair-trade tea bags which I thought was also a lovely touch. Thank you to the Co-op for making my day.

The Room by Emma Donoghue
Well actually so far this book has made me incredibly sad but I love how involved I feel with this book and how much I just want there to be a positive ending. I love reading but it is one of things I do not prioritise enough, I can go months without reading any books and completely forget the enjoyment I get from it, so I am setting myself a challenge to read at least two books a month. Please feel free to recommend me lots of books to read!

The Science Museum
I was invited by the Science Museum to review the new Leonardo Da Vinci ‘Mechanics of Genius’ exhibition, to be completely honest before visiting I only knew him as the artist behind The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper but this exhibition focuses on him as an engineer and scientist. There are some interesting early concepts of scuba diving equipment and weaponry but what I found really interesting was the section on flight, showing how Leonardo produced several studies on flights taking inspiration from birds. There are some really beautiful mechanical bird structures and illustrations, for an anatomy geek like myself I found it great seeing the structural movement of a bird’s wings in motion. This exhibition is running at the Science museum from now until September.

Only twenty-two days left!! For lent I gave up chocolate, giving up chocolate in the run up to Easter is the hardest thing ever. I dream about mini eggs these days, but I am so excited for Easter Sunday when I will consume forty days worth of chocolate.

I am not sure if I will keep these posts up every week but hopefully I will and it will be a more personal touch between the travel guides. I prefer blogs myself that tell a story rather than just feeding information, so the last thing I want is my blog to become that. Today I have to pack for my weekend in Berlin, so expect lots of posts on Germany in the coming weeks as well as the struggle of packing with just hand luggage.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.




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