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Great Britain: Discovering the motherland


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My travel bug is fully ignited, I am forever adding new destinations to my bucket list and searching charity shops for old travel guides of far away places. From diving in the Fiji Islands, exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica, to riding the Siberian train from Russia to China, I want to do it all. The travel bug is something about myself that I hope I never loose or grow out of,  I enjoy my fascination of new lands and urge to learn cultures, but for someone who has been called ‘well travelled’ I have barely touched the surface of my own country. I always opt for a European city break over the motherland, it just always seems more exciting, but more and more lately I have been noticing places across the United Kingdom that I really want to visit. I mean I have been to New York  three times but I have never visited Scotland, this just seems absurd now that I say it to myself. So with a little help from Visit England and Visit Britain I have complied a list of places a bit closer to home that I want to tick off in 2016.



  1. Bath, Somerset
    Alongside Greek Mythology, Roman history fascinated me growing up, maybe it was the Horrible History books but it just seemed so much more exciting compared to everything else. The Roman baths are now a UNESCO World Heritage site and the hot springs still remain, aside from this there is also an Audio tour and museum transporting you back to the lives of the Aquae Sulis people as well as the temple built-in honour of the goddess Sulis Minerva. Other things to do in Bath include the new Escape room, the Jane Austen centre and supposedly some of best afternoon teas.



  2. Gloucester, Cotswolds
    Admittedly this choice is completely Harry Potter related, Gloucester is home to the Cathedral that was transformed into the hallways of Hogwarts in the first few films, as an avid Harry Potter fan this is a photo must for me. Filming for Tim Burton’s new film Alice Through the Looking Glass also took place on the docks of Gloucester, I would love to take a walking tour of this town spotting all the film and TV locations. Gloucester is also home to the Beatrix Potter Museum, which I just think would be an adorable place to visit.panda
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland
    As I mentioned before I have never visited Scotland, which quite frankly is outrageous but luckily in 2016 this one will happen, as I am planning a mini tour of Scotland with my best friend and I am so excited! Why the Panda? Because Edinburgh Zoo has Pandas and this is right at the top of my places to visit, alongside various other Harry Potter filming locations (So it is pretty lucky my friend is also a big fan of Pandas and Harry Potter).
    trinity library
  4.  Dublin, Ireland
    Okay not technically part of the United Kingdom but I am adding it in any way, as again I have never been to Ireland! I have chosen Dublin as it just seems so iconic to me. I want to visit the Guinness factory, the Whiskey Museum, the dame district, the Dublin bay, the Leprechaun museum, the Trinity library, honestly my Dublin list is endless. Hopefully  I will spending a long weekend here for my birthday in June drinking Whiskey  and eating endless amounts of colcannon.



  5. Falmouth, Cornwall
    I have yet to find a beautiful beach in the UK, I mean I can talk for hours about how much I love Brighton, but the beach is not one of the things I will be raving about. The beach at the Swanpool Lake Nature Reserve just looks like the perfect place to spend a summer weekend, it is also apparently a great place to scuba dive although I am not sure I am quite brave enough to dive into the cold English waters yet. Other beaches in Falmouth also include the Maenporth, Castle and the Gyllyngvase beaches.



  6. Snowdonia, Wales
    Snowdonia is the only place on this list that I have visited before, but I visited on school journey when I was roughly thirteen years old and didn’t appreciate it at all. Now I would like to revisit, actually taking it all in and climbing Mount Snowdon, since visiting Africa I have a new life goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, so maybe this can be a form of preparation? Snowdonia also boasts the longest Zipline in Europe located at Zipworld, which takes you soaring across the welsh quarries. Snowdonia just seems like the perfect place for an adrenaline filled weekend.This is just the very tip of my United Kingdom bucket list, I am sure there will be so many more adventures added to the places to explore a little closer to home. While I may not get them all ticked off in 2016, hopefully I can make a start and make use of the long weekends!

    Where are your favourite places to visit in Great Britain?


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