I feel everybody in their life will have days that really change their perspective, days that ground them and help them to realign. For me, that day happened earlier this year while in South Africa when we visited the Isipho community centre as part of Vets Go Wild. Supported by the The Amakhala Foundation the Isipho community centre has been built as a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children as well as those tragically affected by Aids/HIV. The centre provides a place for the children to receive a warm meal, learn basic education, such as how to read or turn… View Post

I like to think over the years I have come along way with packing, in my younger years, I used to be the person that would pack ten outfits for every occasion, but over the past few years, I like to think I have the art of packing down. On my last trip to South Africa, I did, however, have quite the extensive packing list and did not feel like my usual backpack would be the most convenient, so I opted for my new Bon Air suitcase from American Tourister in lilac, to match my blog, obviously. The super lightweight… View Post

On a standard city break, it is not unusual to see DJ and I power walking from sight to sight, clocking up the equivalent of a marathon over two days. We always opt to do this over public transport purely as you see so much more, we often find little stores or random restaurants filled will locals that we not mentioned in any guide book or  travel blog yet, it is how we find the hidden gems like Monisour Voung’s in Berlin or Blue Taco in Copenhagen.  We always end of with incredibly achy limbs but a much bigger sense of achievement… View Post

Ever since I was a small child and fortunate enough to visit Orlando, Florida on multiple visits, I remember TGI’s being part of our visits, I have no idea why as there are many branches back home, but my childhood memories of Orlando include Disney World, being petrified at the Jaw’s ride and Mozzarella Sticks at the TGIs just off of International Drive. Even of my past two trips with DJ we have returned to the very same branch just off International Drive, I suppose you could say it has become a bit of tradition now. Our last visit in March… View Post

Last week you may have seen my post on Vets Go Wild  and felt a little bit left out if you are not in the veterinary industry, but don’t worry guys I’ve got you covered. You see the wonderful team over at Worldwide Experience have created a whole range of trips suited to anyone looking to volunteer with wildlife or in conservation. For those that have not heard about Worldwide Experience before, they are a South African born business made up of a team of conservationists whose aim is to create life changing trips around the world, in order to… View Post

Hop on a convenient fifty-minute flight from London’s city airport and before you know you will have landed, in what I am predicting as Europe’s new hottest city break. In 2016, we saw the rise of Copenhagen, this year Ljubljana became the go-to location, I am hoping that in 2018 Rotterdam, Holland, will be given its chance to shine. The convenient quick flight gives the perfect opportunity to board a flight after work and be sipping a cold beer on Witte de Withstreet by 9 pm without feeling an ounce of jet lag. With city breaks becoming ever more popular with frequent travellers holding… View Post

So as you know if you have been following me over on my social channels, I have just come back from a trip of a lifetime in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I was there on a 16-day course called ‘Vets Go Wild’ set up by the wonderful people over at Worldwide Experience and run in conjunction with my new hero Dr William Fowlds. Ever since watching Safari Vet School back in the day the trip had been on my bucket list, so last Autumn I took the leap and booked it, and I do not regret a thing. My experience… View Post