When I was approached by Oxfam to blog about ‘Oxfam Unwrapped‘ to help change lives this Christmas I knew I wanted to help. At Christmas time we all tend to be over indulgent and spend a lot of money that we don’t necessarily have to, but as well travelled people most of us have also seen the hardships that less fortunate people in the world are facing all year round; not just at Christmas. Basic things such as decent sanitation.

For December we had planned a group scuba diving holiday to Sharm El Sheikh, however due to recent going ons this was cancelled last-minute. So my partner and I ended up in La Palma; part of the Canary Islands. As scuba diving wasn’t possible at this time of year I was desperate to find some marine life, then a Dolphin and Whale tour was suggested.

Joe&John’s believe that every child in the world should be entitled to an education as a basic human-right. For each Pocketbag that is purchased, a less fortunate child in India will receive a school-bag filled with the essential tools they need for the classroom.

 I am currently writing this post sitting by a pool in La Palma while drinking a Mojito. A bit different from Last Saturday when I was in an absolutely freezing Greenwich Park taking part in the 10k Mo-run.

Yoko Meshi is one month old and what a brilliant month it has been! In past month 893 of you have visited my blog and given me 1371 views. It may not sound like much compared to some bigger blogs, but I am proud of what Yoko Meshi has achieved in its first month and I hope it keeps growing from here. Thank you to every one that has read or followed my blog over the past month, you have made me extremely happy!

  When you think of a trip to Thailand a majority of people will think of riding the Elephants through the jungle and why wouldn’t you? They are one of the most beautiful species on this planet; I personally don’t understand why any one wouldn’t want to spend time with the giants, but do you really think a four ton animal is happily going to let people climb over them all day? There is a dark side to Thailand’s Elephant industry. The illegal capture and trade for use in the tourism industry, these Elephants are taken from the wild and… View Post

So I have decided to talk about my love/hate relationship with scuba diving. When people find out that I am a PADI open water diver they assume I must love to dive. Wrong; currently I hate diving although this changes on a daily basis.