Aside from Italian, Asian food is my favourite cuisine, hands down, but as I have previously mentioned , it is hard to find authentic tasting Asian food in the UK, a lot of places seem to add a western taste that does not always work quite right. So when I was introduced to a little restaurant called East Street, located just off of Tottenham Court Road, I was instantly obsessed. East Street provides the authentic tastes of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan through healthy, high-quality food at value-for-money prices with quick, friendly service, simple as. It takes a lot… View Post

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year; and apart from spending it in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last year being pelted with paint by little kids, there is nowhere else I like to spend it than London. Each year Halloween becomes a bigger thing in the city and more people take the time to dress up and head out to their local haunts, along with this growing popularity more and more events are popping up all over the London zones meaning there is something to suit almost everyone.  Celebrate the day of the dead with Wahaca at… View Post

First things first, I love Wahaca, I have been a massive fan since being introduced to the Mexican restaurant last year, so when an email popped into my inbox asking if I wanted to have a meal with them I was there at the first possible opportunity.  For those of you who haven’t visited before, Wahaca describes itself as ‘Mexican street eating’, I personally would describe it as Mexican Tapas, as the menu offers a lot of smaller dishes of which you pick three or four. Wahaca has popped up at various locations in the UK over the past few years and… View Post

I visited Scotland for the first time in June this year, and today I realised I am the worst travel blogger, because apart from introducing you to a little cutie called Bertus, I haven’t posted about it at all and I have no idea why! I spent five days travelling around Dunblane, Falkirk and Edinburgh with one of my best friends, we stayed with her Auntie and also met up with a wonderful friend that we met while volunteering in South Africa . It was a lovely chilled out week exploring a country that is so close but yet took me… View Post

When I think of traditional Polish food, I used to think of very meaty dishes and stews, I believe even when I googled it the top result was something along the lines of stewed pork knuckle, not for me thanks. So last week when I received a text message saying the Polish Bakery in Wembley had delivered me some Polish treats, I did not really know what to expect, but imagine my extremely happy face when I arrived home to a bag traditional Polish bread and cakes (Incase you can’t, it was pretty similar to Augustus Gloop when he first saw the… View Post

So we have worked out that food is a big part of travelling for me. Indulging in the local foods of the different areas of the world is something I look forward to, it is a social time to make more plans, to reflect on the day and it also helps to shape my overall feel for the city or country but  eating out every day is costly and can take up a huge amount of your budget. So over the years I have picked up little ways to help save on the cost of food without compromising on taste… View Post

As a big fan of pop-up events across the city when an invite from Backyard cinema arrived in my inbox I was very intrigued. Over the years Backyard cinema has been recreating the cinema experience in the form of immersive cinema, this year they have taken on ‘The Lost World’ to provide a date night with a difference. Located in Elephant and Castle, the base of this month-long pop-up has been transformed into an interactive jungle in the middle of the city, each day multiple different action and adventure films are being shown, catering for kids and adults alike. Being the Disney fan that I… View Post