This post is something that is incredibly close to my heart, wildlife tourism something I feel passionate about and I have educated myself on over the years and now want to help educate others that may not be aware, or realise the issue with what they part take in. I watched an amazing documentary on BBC one recently called Saving Africa’s Elephant, I thought I knew large amounts regarding the Ivory trade, but this documentary really opened my eyes to just how incredibly massive this issue was. This show was on the BBC at prime time, meaning these issues are starting… View Post

I always seem to go on about how much I love Asian cuisine, but sometimes I really just crave carb loaded American food. I have been missing America a lot lately before I ventured east with my travel, a lot of my travels through childhood and adult life resided stateside, where everything (most things) is bigger, louder and god damn tasty. I am actually heading back to the States next March and after booking our hotels I was in need of something to get me excited, so we headed down to the Ganton Street branch of The Diner.  Having just… View Post

Last Friday I ventured down to the Harry Potter studio tour for my fifth visit, my wonderful friend that I met while volunteering in South Africa was visiting from Scotland, and the Warner Bros.  tour was top of her list of things to do.  I was a bit skeptical about visiting again, surely I had seen it all before on numerous occasions, but I, in fact, enjoyed it as much as I did on my first visit, and all the other visits. So here are my five reasons why the Warner Bro studio tour is worth visiting more than once… View Post

A lot of us are at the stage now where we holding down full-time jobs and squeezing our travels into our annual leave, due to this a lot of people often feel that they need to stay closer to home and cannot fit in a more exotic long haul destination but you can. Travelling the world and maintaining a career is possible, when planned properly multi-stop destinations are an option. Last November I dived head first into a jam-packed two-week itinerary in Vietnam; taking in the incredible landscapes, sampling the most delicious Pho and meeting some of the most beautiful… View Post

Only three weeks to go until I head to the airport to catch my flight over to wonderful Indonesia, I am so incredibly excited! I will be posting soon about our itinerary as it is jam packed and full of so many amazing things, I honestly feel like I have spent the last month researching anything and everything about this part of South East Asia. Our trip will see us exploring around seven different locations, but I am still constantly finding so many more cities and islands I want to visit, one particular place that keeps popping up is a city… View Post

For me, British pub food always sparks visions of a traditional roast dinner or even just sausage and chips, maybe it was the period of time during university that I worked in Wetherspoons, but dining in a pub never hits the top of my list. But thankfully, along with everything else in London, pub dining is ever-evolving and Fuller’s are at the forefront of that. Probably best known for their beer, such as London Pride, I never really associated the Fuller’s brand with dining, but that changed after being invited along to the newly refurbished Sail Loft, Greenwich. Situated along… View Post

This post is a competition entry for Surprise Trips. Surprise Trips are a company who create city breaks to an unknown destination in Europe, aside from deciding the length of your stay, departure airport, and vetoing three potential cities, the rest is a complete surprise and you will not find out where you are off to until you arrive at the airport two hours prior. Pretty exciting right? I love the idea of the complete unknown and the idea of not having an itinerary on arrival, creating a spontaneous weekend. When planning trips, one of the things I enjoying doing is finding fantastic one-off… View Post