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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. As part of my travels and love of food, I love working collaboratively, whether that is showing a destination or creating a foreign cuisine inspired recipe, I love showcasing my favourite brands to my audience in a fun and creative way.

What collaborations work best on Yoko Meshi? Think fun and unique ways to see a city or country. Think good food. Think animals but also think responsible tourism. Think of a predominantly female audience aged 24-32.

If you have an idea that you think may work or would like to see my media kit, please feel free to contact Sam at and let’s get talking.

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Sam runs a social media management business,  Social Advances is solely directed at the pet and animal industry but she also takes on clients from other industries on a freelance basis. If you are looking to grow your business via social media and build brand awareness please send an email to with the subject ‘social media management’.