The Best Instagram Photo Ops and Murals in Nashville

instagram murals nashville

I am a sucker for a painted wall, a good piece of street art or generally just anything brightly coloured. I am a big fan of colour and I think it is safe to say I am not alone in seeing these pieces as a photo opportunity for the next ‘Gram shot. All you need you do is search #Walltravelled on Instagram and you will find a whole global community hunting down the biggest and brightest pieces worldwide.

I am Sam and I love an Instagram photo opportunity, lucky for me Nashville provided them by the bucket load.

Where to find the best Instagram photo ops and murals in Nashville

nashville instagram ops and murals 1. I Believe in Nashville Sign
2608 12th Ave S, by Draper James

I saw this patriotic mural all over the internet when researching our visit, and it is safe to say it is Nashville’s most famous. However, it is actually quite a way out of the main city and it is neatly tucked away along a side wall of a shop, so be sure to follow directions to ensure you do not miss it.

nashville instagram ops and murals 2. Nashville Peace Wall

Sadly I cannot seem to find the exact address of this piece, but I can tell you it is on the opposite side of the street to the ‘I believe in Nashville’ sign if you see the Sprinkles ATM, cross the road and you should be able to locate it. I absolutely adore how bright this one is.

nashville instagram ops and murals nashville instagram ops and murals

3. Blue Candy Cane Wall
2608 12th Ave S, by Draper James opposite the ‘I Believe in Nashville’ Mural

When you are posing in front of the ‘I believe in Nashville’ mural this will be your view, simple blue and white candy stripes but pretty all the same. The whole area around 12th Avenue is extremely photogenic and worth a visit, again I will say it is slightly out of central Nashville so an Uber trip is advised.

nashville instagram ops and murals cupcake atm 4. The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
2606 12th Ave S

Is this not the cutest thing ever? The Sprinkles ATMs seem to be popping up all over the USA at the moment and I think they are such a great novelty idea. Place your order on the screen and in less than a minute your cupcake order pops out of the hatch.
nashville instagram ops and murals 5. Pinewood Social
33 Peabody St

I mentioned Pinewood Social in my guide of ‘Where to Eat and Drink in Nashville‘ because they serve great food with an awesome atmosphere, but what I failed to mention there was how bloody beautiful it is as well. Decked in a 1950s get up, the Pinewood social is an Instagrammer’s dream, so be sure to head down there for some bowling and camera snaps.
nashville instagram ops and murals 6. Skull Wall
Sadly I cannot find the actual address of this wall, but it was on the road back towards Broadway from the Third Man Records Studios, not too much help I know but it really stands out so hopefully, it should be pretty easy to locate.
nashville instagram ops and murals 7. What Lifts You Mural
302 11th Ave S. Gulch

On our first walk past this mural, there was a queue of at least ten people waiting to get their shot here, I am not joking. Not wanting to wait, we headed back on another morning and luckily found no queue. Next to the large wings is also a smaller pair, which I assume is for small children, however, it seems to be a lot more popular with people wanting photos of their dogs ( I do not blame them, it looks adorable).

nashville instagram ops and murals 8. The Gulch Murals
11th Ave S. Gulch

This wall and the one below are located next to each other, both of which are opposite the ‘What lifts you’ wall from above, meaning you won’t need to spend the whole day traipsing around trying to find them. Nashville, you really are the city that just keeps giving.

nashville instagram ops and murals 9. The Gulch Murals
11th Ave S. Gulch

Along with the ‘Peace’ wall, this was my favourite, it is so wonderfully bright and accurately painted, maybe it is the ex-graphic design student in me, but this wall is just so aesthetically pleasing.

nashville instagram ops and murals

10. Third Man Records
623 7th Ave S, Nashville

Jack White’s (of The White Stripes) record label base is located just a short walk away from Broadway and the decor is positively stunning. Each corner of the public area is covered in various memorabilia and vintage recording equipment as well as a ton of merchandise to purchase. I am not a massive fan of the music but I really recommend visiting just to have a look around.

All Instagram photo opportunity jokes aside, the street art and murals in Nashville have been created by some incredibly talented artists, further instilling the creativity that is constantly buzzing through the city. I have expressed a lot how Nashville took a hold of me and I think this is one of the main reasons why.

Where are your favourite cities to find street art? Let me know in the comments below.


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The best street art and murals in Nashville

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  1. May 17, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    That cupcake dispenser will be in my house one day. I need it.
    Aslo – you are too kool for skewl! Those pics are ace. Makes me want to visit!

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