‘Our World Kitchen’ is something that I briefly started on here at the start of the year and then failed to continue but it is something that I get so excited about when I think of it, that I need to start it properly. Alongside all the foodie travels on here I have always wanted to post recipes, recipes inspired by our travels around the world and dishes we have loved a long the way. DJ is an incredible chef and is very talented at presenting food, I want to share his skills and inspire more home cooking, and hopefully… View Post

Travelling frequently means always looking for a bargain, for the majority of us anyway, and that often means flying low budget airlines, for me it is a no-brainer, I have now flown the majority of the European low-cost airlines and had varying experiences on all, the most recent being a return flight to Budapest with Wizz Air. Who are Wizz Air? Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline who first took off in 2004 and at present offer 500 routes from 28 destinations (a lot of which are situated in Eastern Europe) all across Europe. Their aim is to provide low-fare… View Post

I visited Warsaw for a weekend in April this year, it was part The Money Shop’s £200 challenge, which we marginally failed but you can read more about that here. The weekend break marked my first time in Poland and what I am sure will not be my last. Whether you are touring Poland or looking for a European city break, Warsaw is a place you must visit, the contrast of the old with the new, as well as the history makes for an engaging, at times emotional but overall fascinating visit. Here is your guide for things that you… View Post