On my latest trip to The Netherlands, I had expectations of what I thought I would come home with, they included a full stomach, an increased urge to move emigrate there and a Fitbit with an extremely high step count, potentially also a lighter bankcard from the shopping we were planning on doing. What I did not expect to come home with was a warm heart and a head filled with inspiration. Our visit to the third largest city in The Netherlands was to take us to explore the city’s shopping quarter and sample a variety of food. What I… View Post

Being Vegetarian, my Christmas dinner is less than traditional, my plate has a nut roast instead of roast turkey and my stuffing is strictly sage and onion. However, as I am the only veggie in my family, I often get caught up in helping with the preparations of the food for everyone, and we bond over a love of honey dressed roast parsnips and perfectly raised Yorkshire puddings. While a traditional Christmas roast is a very British dish, this year I am want to try to mix it up a little bit add in a few cultural elements inspired by… View Post

Our time in Kerala was a stark contrast to our time in the North of India¬†, not only is Kerala far more relaxed, it is also full of incredible amounts of nature, endless greens compared to the concrete jungles in the North.¬† I have to admit I enjoyed my time in the South much more than the North, as I will forever pick nature over a city any day. We were lucky enough to see a fair amount of Kerala, we cruised the backwaters of Alleppey, saw the Chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochin and watched the sunset on Marari… View Post

I have been told buying for me is incredibly easy, seeing as I am a magpie for anything travel, animal and stationery¬†related I can see why. However, I actually find Christmas shopping quite stressful, I love giving gifts to people but I worry a lot that I have chosen the wrong thing and then have the fear of them hating it when they open it (does anyone else have this?!). So while endlessly trawling the internet this afternoon in search of gifts, I thought I would put together a gift guide – travel inspired, of course, for the wanderlust loving… View Post

Den Bosch, or ‘s-Hertogenbosch as it is sometimes called, is located towards the South of The Netherlands. While it may not be an as popular destination as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it still holds the Dutch charm that I have fallen for over the past over. The cobbled streets and traditional Dutch buildings make for a more authentic feel than Rotterdam or The Hague and the many independent businesses that line the shopping areas give off a wonderful sense of community and pride among the 150, 000 people that reside here. Locals are proud of their home and will be quick… View Post

No trip to India is complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal. Known globally as an act of love as well as a wonder of the world, people venture from all over the globe to witness the mausoleum that stands majestically over the River Yamuna in Agra, North India. Millions of people visit every single year, so here at my tips for making your visit as memorable as possible. The Story of the Taj Mahal It was built between 1631 and 1648 by over 20 thousand workers, under the instruction of the Emperor Shah Jahan, for the tomb of… View Post

“To drive in Delhi you must have three things – good breaks, good horn and good luck” We heard this multiple times during our three days stay in Delhi, India, but luckily for us, we were not driving, but it still didn’t stop me holding my breath everytime our driver sharply served to miss a rogue cow or I was practically in touching distance of the man in the tuk-tuk next to us. Before we arrived in Delhi, everyone I spoke to described it was an ‘assault on your senses’ and it is exactly what it is, but once you start… View Post